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Kashmir in the Shadows – by Robert Fantina – 26 May.23

While few of the world’s governments seem to care about Palestine, at least their officials will occasionally pay lip service to the extreme violations of human rights and international law that the apartheid regime of Israel commits against the people … Continue reading

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Iraq on the Brink of a Ferocious Religious War by PATRICK COCKBURN

The meltdown of American and British policy in Iraq and Syria attracts surprisingly little criticism at home. Their aim for the past three years has been get rid of Bashar al-Assad as ruler of Syria and stabilise Iraq under the … Continue reading

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Where’s the Accountability for Israeli War Crimes?

Gaza City. The Palestinian Authority would be “traitors” if they agreed to a condition the UK is seeking to impose in exchange for agreeing to  support Palestine upgrading its membership in the UN. So said Raji Sourani, Director of the Palestine … Continue reading

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