Early 2001 – khanfactor.com established. Primary focus to be a site containing the webmaster’s interests. Catchphrase adopted by khanfactor.com is “Driver under instruction” to reflect the webmaster’s inexperience with web development.

Sept 11, 2001 – WTC events

Sept 13, 2001 – Primary focus of khanfactor changes. New focus to counter the negative spin generated by the Western war machine against anyone. e.g Muslims, Arabs, Black people. A duty exists.

Sep 2001 – khanfactor.com becomes a repository for articles and analysis that may be important in countering negative spin. These articles are retained for future reference.

– Initial khanfactor site hand coded in HTML.

2002 – khanfactor.com tagline changes from ‘Driver under instruction” to “Driver Anticpates Revolution” This remains as the official tag of khanfactor.com

2003 – The number of daily visitors to khanfactor.com continues to climb.



2006 – khanfactor.com is redesigned primarily to facilitate mobile updates.

2007 – khanfactor.com says good riddance to the Howard government





2012 – Migration to new servers. Living amongst the community. No bridging Visa

– Webmaster

khanfactor.com was established in 2001.