NSW Police charge man who allegedly put a fake bomb on a ute in Botany after owner erected Palestinian flag – 4 Mar.2024 (NOT TERRORISM)

an improvised explosive device was left on a car in Daphne Street, Botany on Friday, January 5, 2024
The suspicious item left on the bonnet of the vehicle.()

A Sydney man has been charged after he allegedly planted an item initially believed to be a bomb on a vehicle belonging to a man who put up a Palestinian flag.

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FLASHBACK – White supremacist Michael Holt sentenced to 4.5 years for weapons, child porn offences – SMH – 29 Sep.2017

A neo-Nazi who fantasised about shooting up a shopping centre has been sentenced to at least four and a half years in jail for weapons and child pornography offences, with a judge pointing to his obsession with “sex, guns and death”.

Michael James Holt, 27, pleaded guilty to stockpiling an arsenal of replica pistols, homemade shotguns, slingshots and knuckledusters at his mother’s house in Windsor, his grandfather’s house in Hobartville and at the Tall Timbers Hotel in Ourimbah.

Michael James Holt with some of the weapons seized.

Michael James Holt with some of the weapons seized. 

Police also uncovered child abuse material when they raided the three premises in August 2015 following a tip-off, including sexually explicit conversations with a 14-year-old boy and a 13-year-old girl and naked images that he sent to them.

Judge Jeffrey McLennan spent more than 10 minutes describing the individual weapons and materials found in boxes, fridges, cupboards and garages seized from the three locations. A sheriff began to yawn.

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Flashback – White supremacist charged over Taree Pentecostal church fire – SMH – 19 Sep.2016

A white supremacist from Sydney’s south-west has been charged with setting fire to a Pentecostal church on the NSW mid-north coast.

Ricky White appeared in Taree Local Court on Monday accused of deliberately starting the fire at the Destiny Church at 1:30am on Sunday.

Charged: Ricky White

Charged: Ricky White FACEBOOK

Fire and Rescue NSW were able to save the church structure but it still sustained an estimated $200,000 worth of damage.

Mr White, who lives in Ingleburn, was arrested by police on Sunday afternoon on two outstanding warrants and then also charged over the church fire.

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AFP accused of encouraging 13-year-old boy’s fixation with Islamic State | ABC News – 14 Feb.2024

AFP accused of encouraging 13-year-old boy’s fixation with Islamic State | ABC News (youtube.com)

Greens senator David Shoebridge has labelled comments by the Australian Federal Police as “chilling” and “extraordinary” after it defended its handling of terror charges against an autistic teenager.

The 13-year-old boy had become fixated with the Islamic State terror group ISIS before his parents took him to a Victoria Police station seeking help.

While he was receiving support from a therapeutic team, a covert operation with undercover police was launched, which saw the boy charged with terror offences. Continue reading

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Israel’s War of Ethnic Cleansing – Jamal Kanj – 23.Nov.23

In the battle of his political life, Benjamin Netanyahu has nothing to lose. He could, however, gain vainglory and self-exaltation by murdering as many Palestinians as possible to satisfy the unquenchable vengeful Israeli culture. A crime catapult by Western leaders who rallied behind Netanyahu in the aftermath of the prisoners’ revolt against the posts guarding the largest open-air prison on earth.

The embrace of Netanyahu by Western leaders has granted the bona fide pathological liar an unchecked authority to carpet-bomb civilian centers, target hospitals, and orchestrate the evacuation of northern Gaza in order to complete the ethnic cleansing of historical Palestine.

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A Few FACTS About Gaza

by Rick Sterling

U.N. Secretary General Antonio Guterres recently said, “the attacks by Hamas did not happen in a vacuum. The Palestinian people have been subjected to 56 years of suffocating occupation.”  The Israeli Ambassador responded that Guterres’ comments were “shocking”, “unfathomable” and  “disconnected from reality”.  He called for the Secretary General’s resignation. Below are some facts about Gaza to evaluate whether Guterres was accurate or not.

Gaza is a tiny strip of land on the Mediterranean coast with the 5,000 year old Gaza City in the north. The entire strip is only 5 miles wide by 25 miles in length with 2.3 million Palestinians locked in this territory by Israel.  It is the size of a small US city. Continue reading

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Zionism – An Ideology for the Self-Loathing


When I told my grandmother that I was going to visit Europe for the first time, she exploded, “Oy vey!” Raising her voice, she exclaimed: “There’s nothing there! NOTHING! Just poverty and filth.” Collecting herself, she added: “You like foreign food? There’s better in New York.”

For her generation of Jews, there was little nostalgia for the old country…and for good reason. She had been an involuntary participant in pogroms, violent riots massacring Jews. Fast forward to the present, the perpetrators are being rehabilitated. Volodymyr Zelenskyy, disregarding his religious heritage, honors the murderous Stepan Bandera as one of his “indisputable heroes.”

My dear grandmother, like so many other immigrants from eastern Europe, had endured the oppression of the shtetl. She then came to these shores and became a Fancy American Lady. Her friends came to call her Fanny, a sophisticated name rather than her given one of Felicia. There was no going back for them.

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Australia approved 322 defence exports to Israel in six years as Greens fear equipment used in Gaza assault – 25 Oct.23

Australia has approved 322 defence exports to Israel over the past six years, according to new figures that will fuel questions at a Senate hearing on Wednesday.

The government-compiled figures, which include 49 permits for Israel-bound exports last year and 23 in the first three months of this year, may cover both military-specific goods and also dual-use devices.

The Greens’ defence spokesperson, David Shoebridge, said Australia had “one of the most secretive and unaccountable weapons export systems in the world”, given that it doesn’t break down the exact items exported.

Shoebridge, who will ask the defence department about the exports at a Senate estimates hearing in Canberra on Wednesday, said he held “a very deep concern that Australian material is being used in the attack on Gaza”.

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Boycott Israel Products List 2023

Boycott Israel Products List 2023_50.1

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Gaza Besieged: Why Israel’s Genocidal Strategy Won’t Destroy the Palestinian Resistance – BY PAUL COCHRANE – 23 Oct.23

Israel and its supporters want to destroy Hamas, and kill the “human animals”, as the Israeli defense minister called Palestinians. Such a genocidal strategy will not work.

Even if Israel manages to destroy the leadership of Hamas, another group would take its place. In any case, what is hardly mentioned at all in media coverage of the crisis is that other Palestinian groups were involved in the October 7 attacks – Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, Communist Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine, Palestinian Islamic Jihad, Palestinian Mujahideen Movement, and the Popular Resistance Committees.

No matter how hard the Israelis pound the Gaza Strip, they will not wipe out the resistance against the occupation. Rather it will act as a recruitment vehicle for the resistance, as Israel’s actions have done for decades, and will not endear people in the region in any way towards Israel.

For instance, during the July 2006 war by Israel on Lebanon’s Hizbullah, I was sitting with Lebanese friends in the Dahiyeh (Beirut’s majority Shia southern suburbs) watching the news of the Qana massacre. My friend pointed at his seven-year-old nephew and said, what do you think he thinks of Israel seeing this? “Nothing good,” I replied.

The same scene is playing out today as the Middle East watches the bodies of men, women and children being pulled out of the rubble in Gaza. The boy I watched TV news with 17 years ago is now 23, and to the best of my knowledge not involved with the resistance, but he still doesn’t like Israel.

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