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The World At Their Feet – Karachi United Football Foundation

The World At Their Feet – Karachi United Football Foundation from Karachi United on Vimeo.

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Aussies, Sledging and Bad Umpiring

Because umpires are human there will always be mistakes. Mistakes are unfortunate. Many respond by saying that bad umpiring “happens both ways” and “you win some you lose some” and that “it all evens out in the long run”. These words may be true to some extent but one key point that is almost always ignored is that an incorrect umpiring decision almost always costs the underdog the most because the underdog has to work harder to take wickets, score runs and win matches. Continue reading

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Can Pakistan’s cricketers play for both God and Country or do they have to chose, or is niether God or their country important? Ali Khan examines the current troubles of Pakistan cricket. Continue reading

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Shoaib positive in drug test

Shoaib - Busted?

Pakistan’s star fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar to be sent home from Champions Trophy after drug test.

But then again who gives a $%^*&? Continue reading

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Reverse swing

NrMq1-vrS0s And while the world talks about sanctions against North Korea (we can’t invade because unlike Iraq they actually have WMDs) we’ll have finished our chicken. After we eat chicken we’ll bowl reverse swing. Its what we do.

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