• U.N. Finds Signs of War Crimes on Both Sides in Gaza 9/16/2009
  • Unrest Brewing Beneath Gaza Calm 9/15/2009
  • Business Seeks Ways Past Israeli-Palestinian Political Impasse 9/9/2009
  • Split ‘View of Zion’ in East Jerusalem 9/8/2009
  • The Boycott Revisited 9/7/2009
  • Steve Rosen Accuses AIPAC of Espionage 9/2/2009
  • East Jerusalem Shuts Out Thousands of Palestinians on Holy Day 9/1/2009
  • Against the Israel Boycott 8/31/2009
  • Return Gilad Shalit, but Not at Any Price 8/30/2009
  • Israeli-Swedish Row Heats Up 8/26/2009
  • Why Israel Will Thwart Obama on Settlements 8/25/2009
  • Israeli Settlers Push Palestinians to Sleep on the Street 8/25/2009
  • Israel Cries Wolf Over ‘Blood Libel’ 8/24/2009
  • Israel Not as Powerful as You May Think 8/20/2009
  • New Think-Tank Seeks to Regulate Historical Analogies 8/19/2009
  • US Aiding and Abetting Israeli War Crimes 8/19/2009
  • Quiet Slicing of the West Bank Makes Abstract Prayers for Peace Obscene 8/18/2009
  • US Turns Blind Eye to Israel’s New Separation Policy 8/18/2009
  • The Holocaust’s Shadow Over Israel’s Choices 8/17/2009
  • Abridged Histories of the Holy Land 8/17/2009
  • War Crimes Are War Crimes 8/15/2009
  • Suddenly, It’s Advantage Fatah, and a Solution 8/13/2009
  • Tensions Rise on Israel’s North 8/12/2009
  • Saudi Arabia May Not Follow Obama’s Israel Plan 8/12/2009
  • Israeli Politicians Threatening Lebanon Again 8/11/2009
  • Where Dick Morris Breaks With Reality 8/10/2009
  • Gay Center Killing Marks Escalation of Israeli Hobby of ‘Hating the Other’ 8/8/2009
  • Is the Israel Lobby in a Panic? 8/8/2009
  • The Israel Lobby May Be Headed Toward Obsolescence 8/7/2009
  • Hamas 2.0: The Islamic Resistance Movement Grows Up 8/5/2009
  • The ‘Patriotic’ Spy 8/5/2009
  • Life in the Bubble: At Home in the Israeli Settler State 8/3/2009
  • A Jeremiad and a Message of Hope 8/3/2009
  • Breaking Israel’s Spell 7/31/2009
  • US Tells Israel: Iran Has Eight Weeks 7/31/2009
  • Riding the Sea at Gaza 8/31/2009
  • Israeli Navy Attacks Gaza Fishing Boats 8/31/2009
  • Nearly Eight Months Later, Israeli Soldier Who Killed West Bank Civilian Still Hasn’t Been Charged 8/31/2009
  • Obama Seeks Trilateral Summit With Israel, Palestinians 8/31/2009
  • Not One Penny Has Reached Gaza 8/31/2009
  • Lieberman: Israel Won’t Let Palestinians Declare State Unilaterally 8/31/2009

  • Netanyahu: Bullying Also Kind of Terrorism
  • Is al-Qaeda Opening a Gaza Front to Counter Hamas?
  • Former Israeli Prime Minister Olmert Indicted
  • Israel ‘Ups Settlement Activity in East Jerusalem’
  • Beirut Mayor Denies Media Reports on Contact With Haifa Mayor
  • Israeli Troops Shell Central Gaza Refugee Camps
  • IAEA Extends Probe Into Alleged Syria Reactor Bombed by Israel
  • Abbas Won’t Meet Netanyahu Before Settlements Stop
  • Israel Accepts German-Mediated Shalit Swap Deal: Report
  • Israeli Forces Arrest Six Palestinians in West Bank
  • Hamas Cautions Against ‘Excessive Optimism’ in Prisoner Exchange Deal
  • Israeli Officials Accuse IAEA of Hiding Far Worse Nuclear Evidence on Iran
  • Qassam Strikes Southern Israel Amid Growing Border Strain
  • Report: Hamas Given Days to Respond to New Shalit Offer
  • Analyst: Israel Has Iran in Its Sights
  • Palestinians Must Unite for Talks, UN Chief Says
  • 2 Bombs Explode in Gaza Compound, Outside Mosque
  • Israeli Air Force Testing New Black Hawk Helicopters
  • Hamas, Islamic Jihad Slam PLO’s Upgrading Decision
  • MK Tibi: Israel’s Judicial Committee Discriminates Against Arabs
  • Curators Pull Out of Tel Aviv Art Biennial Over Gaza War Protest
  • The End of the Arab Cold War?
  • Gazans Expect Israeli Siege Halt Amid New Tunnel Collapse Deaths
  • ‘Just 4%’ of Israelis Think Obama Is Pro-Israel
  • Three Killed in Gaza Smuggling Tunnel Collapse
  • Egypt: Israeli Freeze Must Include East Jerusalem
  • Palestinians: Israel Navy Fire Kills Man Off Gaza Coast
  • How Do Settlers Avenge Removal of Outpost? They Build Another One
  • Israeli Navy Kills Palestinian Fisherman: Medics
  • Lebanese Army Arrests Israeli Man: Source
  • Merkel Staunch on Support as Debate Turns Critical of Israel
  • Sweden’s Free Speech Tradition Runs Into Israeli Ire
  • US Won’t Press Israel on Settlements
  • Israel Hobbling West Bank Economy, Says Tony Blair
  • Netanyahu Calls for ‘Crippling Sanctions’ Against Iran
  • US Drops Demand for Israel Building Freeze in East Jerusalem
  • Israeli Group Slams Facebook as Anti-Semitic
  • PLO Picks New Leaders at Landmark Meeting
  • Long Shadow of 1929 Hebron Massacre
  • Still No Final US-Israel Settlement Deal
  • Netanyahu and Abbas Both Say Ready for Talks
  • Palestinians Pay the Price for Israel’s Illegal Settlements
  • Hariri Says Hezbollah Will Be Included in United Front Against Israel
  • Israeli Lawyer Sues Swedish Newspaper in NY Court
  • Israeli, Palestinian Leaders Likely to Meet Soon
  • Jerusalem’s Myriad Divisions
  • Netanyahu: We’ve Been Building in Jerusalem for 3,000 Years
  • Israel PM Seeks Compromise With US on Settlements
  • Obama Bows to Israel Over Settlements, Iran
  • The ‘Elders’ Arrive in Israel to Boost Mideast Peace
  • Palestinian Leader Maps Plan for Separate State
  • Netanyahu Slams Human Rights Group for Gaza Criticism
  • Gaza Official: 3 Dead, 7 Hurt in Israel Air Strike
  • Hamas: Only Breakthrough in Shalit Deal Is German Mediation
  • Survivors of Israel’s Attack on Uss Liberty Tell Their Stories
  • Israeli FM Vows to Hire Only Former Soldiers
  • Israeli Forces Kill Palestinian on the Gaza Border
  • State Dept: Israel, Palestinians Close to Renewed Peace Talks
  • 2 Palestinians, 2 Israelis Wounded in Gaza Clash
  • Israel’s Netanyahu Brings Balancing Act to Europe
  • US: Israel and Palestinians ‘Close’ to Resuming Peace Talks
  • Israel Prevents Palestinian Families From Visiting Jailed Kin
  • Palestinians: No Homeland in Jordan
  • Egypt Summons Israel Diplomat Over Border Shooting
  • Swedish Daily Publishes Second Article on Israeli Military Organ Harvesting Scheme
  • Plans for New Settlement in Jerusalem: Report

  • Top Israeli Minister Warns Swedish Govt It Will Be ‘Unwelcome’ if It Doesn’t Condemn Newspaper
  • Israeli Minister Slams Professor for Criticism, Employer Advises Him to ‘Look for Another Home’
  • Israeli Knesset Considers Action Against Radio Personality for Criticizing Their Soccer Ability
  • Peace Unlikely Even in 16 Years: Israeli Foreign Minister
  • Report: No Sign of West Bank Settlement Slowdown
  • Gaza Schools Reopen Amid Problems
  • One-Man Play by UN Official Draws Ire in Israel
  • Israeli Plane Violates Lebanese Airspace
  • Settlements Seen Clouding Netanyahu’s Europe Trip
  • Erekat: Israel Wants to Restart Peace Talks From Beginning
  • Qatar to Provide Financial Aid to Gaza Through Hamas
  • Why Israeli Jew Uri Davis Joined Fatah to Save Palestine
  • PNA Refutes Hamas Accusation of Political Arrests
  • Palestinian Factions Residing in Lebanon Hold Emergency Meeting
  • Lebanon: Retired Security Official Confesses to Spying for Israel and Bombing Role
  • Terrorist Targets Popular at West Bank Gun Range
  • Israel to Sweden: We Want a Clear Denunciation Not Meditations on a Blog
  • Hamas Official: Abbas Stepped in to Foil Schalit Deal
  • Swedish Government Defends Press Freedom, No Apology to Israel Planned
  • Makeshift Repairs Not Enough for Battered Gaza
  • Gazans Find Joyous Ramadan a Luxury Amid Economic Downturn
  • Israel Sees Progress in US Talks on Settlement Freeze
  • Obama in Ramadan Message: US Unyielding in Support for Palestinian State
  • Report: Pirates Seize Ship on Israel’s Behalf, Preventing Arms From Iran
  • Israel’s New Visa Rule for Foreigners: if You Want to Visit Palestine, Stay There
  • Report: Israel Threatens to Delay Swedish FM’s Visit Over Newspaper Article
  • Behind Hamas’ Own War on Terror
  • Germany Calls for Israel to Take Urgent Action on Settlements
  • Swedish FM Declines to Condemn Paper, Citing Press Freedom
  • Case Against Settlers Who Beat Palestinians Closed
  • Israel PM Summons Minister Over Call to Defy US
  • Gaza’s Radical Islamists: Hamas Is Secular, Serves the Jews
  • Abbas Says US Still Insists on Freeze of Israeli Settlements

  • Hamas Official Upbeat on Fatah Reconciliation
  • Retired Lebanon Official Confesses to Spying for Israel
  • Israeli FM Confirms Settlement Freeze, Says Freeze Won’t Be Tolerated for Long
  • Obama Urges Simultaneous Moves Toward Mideast Peace
  • Israeli FM to Demand Sweden Publish an Official Condemnation of Its Most Popular Newspaper
  • Poll: Only 12 Percent of Israelis Believe Obama Supports Israel
  • Poll: Only 12 Percent of Israelis Think Obama Supports Israel
  • Netanyahu Slams Vice Premier’s Anti-Peace Jibe
  • Israeli Soldier Involved in Lynching: Don’t Hang Out With Arabs
  • White House Denies Commitment to Mideast Peace Plan
  • Hamas Moves Against al-Qaeda-Inspired Extremists
  • Israel’s Peres: Russia to Reconsider Missile Sale to Iran
  • Israel’s Housing Projects Have Nearly Stopped
  • Netanyahu’s Defiance of US Resonates at Home
  • US Complains to Israel on Palestinian-American Entry Rules
  • Israeli Deputy PM Slams Peace Groups as Grave Danger
  • Momentum Slows for Israel’s Barrier
  • US Blasts Israeli Restrictions on American Travelers in West Bank
  • Israeli Minister Calls Anti-Settler Group a ‘Virus’
  • Swedish Daily Hits Back at Critics of IDF Organ Harvest Story
  • Israel Says UN Covering Up Iran’s Nuclear Arms Drive
  • Israel Furious Over Swedish Newspaper Article
  • Obama ‘Encouraged’ by Israel Settlement Policy
  • Settlers Say ‘Old Bibi’ Is Back
  • Mubarak: Israel Blocked Progress in Deal for Shalit
  • Russia Wins Israeli Backing Over WWII Role
  • Gaza Radicals Say Will Resist Hamas Crackdown
  • Israel: Sweden Paper ‘A Shame to Freedom of Expression’
  • Israel Quietly Halts Settlement Building Permits
  • Obama: Encouraged on Israel, Palestinians
  • Israeli Officials: ElBaradei ‘Hiding’ Evidence of Iran Nukes
  • Top Swedish Paper: Israeli Troops Kidnap Palestinians to Harvest Organs
  • UN: Israeli Blockade Degrades Gaza’s Living Conditions

  • Netanyahu Bristles at Calls to Legalize More West Bank Outposts
  • Huckabee Slams Obama in Pro-Settlement Israel Visit
  • Jewish Settlements Threaten Viability of Palestinian State
  • Abbas: Talks, Not Terror, Is Way to Palestinian State
  • Hamas Profits From Israel’s Gaza Blockade
  • Israel Agrees to Freeze Settlement Construction as Gesture to Us
  • Israeli Soldiers Shoot Egyptian Border Policeman
  • Protesters Heckle US Republican Huckabee in Jerusalem
  • Israeli Envoy: No Plan to Strike Iran
  • Netanyahu Envoy Departs for US to Negotiate Settlement Freeze
  • Israeli DM ‘Reconsidering’ Promised Cement for Gaza Reconstruction
  • Gaza Islamists Vow Revenge Against Hamas Following Mosque Raid
  • Hamas Asserts Power in Gaza After Qaeda Clash
  • Abbas to Convene PLO Council for First Time in Decade
  • Hamas Says Gaza Under Its Control, Death Toll in Clashes Rises
  • Israeli Soldier Stole From Military Chief’s Office
  • Israeli Arabs Protest Home Destructions
  • Too Gung-Ho? Israel Military Rabbis Draw Criticism
  • Hamas: Gaza Order Restored After Bloody Weekend
  • Hard-Line Imam’s Death Ends Bloody Clash in Gaza Strip
  • Peres Claims Israelis Have No Quarrel With Lebanon
  • 24 Dead, 150 Wounded in Gaza Raid on Islamist Group
  • Ezra Nawi: Jewish Pacifist Facing Jail for Aiding Arabs
  • Israel: Right-Wing Activists Agree to Leave Bnei Adam Outpost
  • Hamas: Jund Ansar Allah Group Was Armed by Fatah
  • For Hamas, Challenges May Be Growing
  • Five Facts About Jund Ansar Allah
  • Gazan Militant ‘Surrenders to Egyptian Police’ After Clashes
  • First Jew Is Elected to a Palestinian Liberation Movement
  • Gulf Arab Money ‘Behind Purchases of Israeli Land’
  • Hamas, Fatah Trade Accusations Over Gaza Clashes
  • Iran Charges 7 Baha’is With Spying for Israel
  • Facts About Palestinian Group Hamas

  • Turkey Hosts Naval Military Exercises With Israel, US on Monday
  • No War With Israel in the Near Future, Says Hezbollah Chief
  • Report: Leader of al-Qaeda-Inspired Group Kills Himself in Gaza Shootout With Hamas
  • Egypt Opens Gaza Border Crossing Before Pilgrimage
  • Al-Qaeda Affiliated Group Declares War on Hamas
  • Meshal: Iran Turmoil Won’t Affect Tehran Support for Hamas
  • Human Rights Watch, Israel in War of Words
  • UN Official: Evidence That Israel Abused Human Rights in Gaza
  • Hamas Fight With Islamic Radicals Kills 13 in Gaza
  • Palestinian PM: It’s Not Our Business Whether Israel Is Jewish
  • UN Rights Chief Slams Israel Over Gaza Violations
  • 24 Killed, Including al-Qaeda-Linked Cleric, as Hamas, Gaza Islamists Clash
  • Following Election, Fatah Sets Out to ‘Liberate’ Gaza
  • Palestinians Get Their Own Google Domain
  • Abbas Rules Out Peace Talks Unless Israel Halts Settlements
  • Israelis Probe ‘Soldier Kidnap’
  • Israel Investigating Report Soldier Kidnapped
  • After Alert, Israel Rules Out Kidnapping of Soldier
  • Israel Rejects Sarkozy Call to Free Prisoner
  • Israeli Consul to Boston ‘Regrets’ Leaked Memo Rebuking Government
  • Israeli Military Killed Gazans Waving White Flags, Military Insists Flags Were Waved Illegally
  • Israeli Military: Report on ‘White Flags’ Unreliable Because It Is Based on Witness Reports
  • Israeli Military Says All Troops Accounted For
  • Arabs Ask for EU Support on Israel Nuke Resolution
  • Israel Urged to Probe Non-Combatant Killings in Gaza War
  • Rights Group: Israel Killed Unarmed Palestinians
  • Israeli Diplomat Keeps Job After Warning About US Ties
  • Report: Israeli Troops Killed Unarmed Gazans Carrying White Flags
  • Israeli Opposition Leader Slams Calls for Release Barghouti
  • Israel Starved Gaza of Power and Water
  • Fatah Wraps Up Congress With Israel Split
  • Israeli Cluster Bomb Wounds Two Lebanese Brothers in South Lebanon
  • Hamas: No Large Presence of Foreign Islamic Militants in Gaza

  • Deputy FM: Israel Will Hold Only Direct Talks With Syria
  • Lebanese President: Threat of Israeli Invasion Requires Unity Govt
  • New Fatah Leadership Boosts Mideast Peace Efforts
  • UNDP Begins Explosive Clean-Up Operation in Gaza
  • Election Reveals a Younger Crop of Fatah Leaders
  • Israel Wary of Calm Days Bound to End in Turmoil
  • A Look at Some of the Newly Elected Fatah Leaders
  • Israeli Soldier Gets 7.5 Months in Prison for Looting During Gaza Op
  • Fatah’s Old Guard Ousted by Election of Intifada Chief
  • Lebanese Army on High Alert as Netanyahu Threatens to Make Them Pay
  • Fatah Turns to Nation Building, Though It Doesn’t Discard the Rifle
  • Hamas: Detainee in Fatah Prison Was Tortured to Death
  • Lieberman Urges Boston Consul to Resign for Criticizing Israeli Policy
  • House Majority Leader Praises Israel, Insists East Jerusalem ‘Different’ From West Bank Settlements
  • Hamas Urges Arab League to End West Bank Arrests
  • Israel Says Lebanon Accountable for Hezbollah
  • Israeli Air Strikes Hit Gaza Near Egypt Border
  • Israeli FM Slams ‘Delusions’ of Possible Peace Deal
  • Israeli Interior Minister: US Can’t Stop Settlement Expansion
  • Fatah Members in Gaza Finally Vote in Internal Elections
  • Israeli MPs Scuffle With Expelled Arab Family in East Jerusalem
  • Poll: 66 Percent of Israelis Want Settlement Expansion in Jerusalem to Continue
  • Palestinian Fatah Seeks Renewal, Rejuvenation
  • Israeli Raids Leave Six Militants Dead
  • Israeli Warplanes Bomb Tunnel Along Gaza Border
  • Abbas’s Party Keeps ‘Right to Resist,’ Angering Israel
  • Israel PM Vows Never to Evict Settlers
  • Israeli Infrastructure Minister Faces Lawsuit Over Refusal to Meet Arab MP
  • Israeli Gunboats Fire at Palestinian Fishing Boats
  • Netanyahu Calls Gaza Withdrawal ‘A Mistake’
  • Netanyahu Vows to Never Evict Any Settlers
  • Fatah’s Only Jewish Member Seeks Key Position
  • Israeli PM Vows Never to Evict Settlers

    Israel’s Lieberman Summons Envoy in US Over Leaked Rebuke of Government

  • Report of New Middle East Peace Plan Premature
  • Report: Jewish Fatah Member Nominated for Party’s Revolutionary Council
  • ‘Israel Should Drop Apologetic Tactics, Admit It Is at War,’ Says Pro-Israeli Italian Legislator
  • Palestinian President Reappointed Head of Fatah
  • Israel Recalls Boston Envoy Over Critical Memo
  • 1 Palestinian Killed in Gaza Tunnel Collapse, Say Medics
  • Lebanon: Hezbollah No. 2 Says Group Ready for War With Israel
  • Report: Israeli Intelligence Equipment Found Transmitting From Lebanon
  • Summer War Between Lebanon and Israel Very Unlikely, Predict Analysts
  • Fatah: We’ll Sacrifice Victims Until Jerusalem Is Ours
  • Fatah: Return Jerusalem Before Talks Go On
  • Report: Terror Cell Plotted to Kill Israeli Ambassador to Egypt
  • Soldier Arrested in Golan Heights Misfire Death Was Playing With Weapon
  • Israeli Settlement Freeze Not Enough for Saudi Arabia, Analysts Say
  • How Nixon Helped Israel Seal Its Nuclear Ambiguity
  • Report: Israel Asked for Green Light to Attack Iran During Post-Election Protests
  • PA Officials: US Wants Borders to Top Peace Talks
  • US Asks Israel for One-Year Settlement Freeze
  • Israeli Ministers Declare ‘No Room’ for Peace Talks After Fatah Conference
  • Senior Israeli Diplomat Slams Netanyahu’s Policy Toward US
  • Israeli Arms Dealers Join Lieberman’s Entourage to Africa
  • US Republicans in Israel: We Are ‘Troubled’ by Obama Policy
  • Israeli Ministers Declare No Room for Peace Talks After Fatah Conference
  • Israel ‘Would Get Tough’ in Any Conflict With Lebanon
  • Palestinian Fatah Renews Top Body in 20-Year First
  • Barak Demands MPs Give Up Seats in Labor Party Split
  • Israel’s Labor Party Appears Headed for Split
  • Israeli Troops ‘Ill-Treat Kids’
  • Hamas Rockets a War Crime: Human Rights Watch
  • Fatah Pins Blame of Arafat’s Death on Israel
  • Rights Group: Hamas Guilty of Gaza War Crimes
  • Refugees Expect Little From Fatah
  • Israeli FM Tells Border Villagers: You Weren’t Conquered, You Were Liberated
  • Rows Erupt as Palestinian President’s Party Meets
  • J Street, ADL Launch War of Words Over Obama Israel Policy
  • ‘Stormy’ Start to Fatah’s Historic Summit
  • US Seeks One-Year Israel Settlement Freeze
  • Palestinian Split Stalling Move Toward State: Saudi King
  • Israeli FM: Opposition MP More Dangerous Than Hamas
  • Old Guard ‘Hijacks’ Fatah Congress, Say Reformers
  • 25 Visiting GOP Congressmen Pledge Support for Israel
  • ‘Stormy Second Day at Fatah Convention
  • Sarkozy Asks Netanyahu to Free Palestinian Terrorist
  • Israel Claims Control Over Split Village
  • Interview: What Now for Fatah?
  • Palestine’s Fatah Party Holds First Congress in 20 Years
  • Syrians Say Israel Called Them for Info on MIAs
  • AIPAC Slams Obama for Honoring ‘Anti-Israel’ Ex-Irish President
  • Abbas Asks Fatah to Give Peace Talks a Chance
  • Abbas Maintains Right to Resistance
  • Barak: Israel Should Accept US Peace Plan
  • Fatah Commits to Israel Peace Talks in Party Draft 8/3/2009
  • Israel Defends Jerusalem Evictions 8/3/2009
  • Israel Peace Concert Sells Out in a Day 8/3/2009
  • Clinton Slams Israel for Evicting Arab Families From East Jerusalem 8/3/2009
  • Hamas Goes to the Movies 8/3/2009
  • Obama to Launch PR Campaign to Sway Israelis, Arabs on Peace 8/3/2009
  • Israel Targets Human Rights Groups 8/3/2009
  • Poll: 77% of Soviet-Era Israeli Immigrants Want to Get Rid of Arabs 8/3/2009
  • If Indicted, Lieberman Would Select His Successor as FM 8/2/2009
  • East Jerusalem Evictions Condemned 8/2/2009
  • Israel Lets Palestinians Use Hebron Road for First Time in 8 Years 8/2/2009
  • 50 Palestinians Evicted, Settlers Take Homes 8/2/2009
  • Israeli Minister Accuses Fatah of ‘Declaration of War’ 8/2/2009
  • Police Recommend Indicting Lieberman 8/2/2009
  • Netanyahu: We Uprooted Israelis From Gaza, and Now It Is a Terror Base 8/2/2009
  • Fatah Convention Draws Palestinian Exiles 8/2/2009
  • Israeli Police: Indict Lieberman on Multiple Graft Charges 8/2/2009
  • Fatah Agrees to Release 400 Hamas Members 8/2/2009
  • Israeli Settlers Establish Settlement in Northern West Bank 8/1/2009
  • Haniyah Rules Out Resuming Inter-Dialogue, Holding Elections With Rival Fatah 8/1/2009
  • Report: Fatah to Oppose Recognizing Israel as Jewish State 8/1/2009
  • Hezbollah: Obama Providing Cover for Israeli ‘Crimes’ 8/1/2009
  • Fatah to Hold Congress Despite Hamas Ban 8/1/2009
  • Hamas Arrests 21 Fatah Men En Route to West Bank Summit 8/1/2009
  • Report: Lebanon Man Gets Life for Israel Spying 8/1/2009
  • Jerusalem ‘Key’ to Settling Mideast Conflict, Says Palestinian PM 8/1/2009
  • Army Commander Orders Lebanese Troops on High Alert to Face Any Israeli Threat 8/1/2009
  • Hamas Pursues Calm in Gaza After Disastrous War 8/1/2009
  • Lebanese President Demands Israeli Troops Withdraw From Disputed Area 8/1/2009
  • Ahead of Summit, Fatah Looks to Iran, Shuns Talks in Draft Platform 8/1/2009
  • 2 Dead, 15 Wounded in Tel Aviv Gay Center Shooting 8/1/2009
  • Amid the Ruins in Gaza, Palestinians Wait for Rebuilding to Start 8/1/2009
  • Assad: Return of Golan to Syria Is Non-Negotiable 8/1/2009
  • Fatah to Reject Israel as Jewish State at Congress: Document 8/1/2009
  • Hamas Threatens Fatah Ahead of Party Congress 8/1/2009
  • Saudi Rebuffs US on Improving Ties With Israel 7/31/2009
  • Israeli FM Accuses Chavez of Ties to ‘Radical’ Islamists 7/31/2009
  • Fatah Activists Don Islamic Garb to Flee Hamas-Run Gaza 7/31/2009
  • Netanyahu Aides Insist Rahm Emanuel Plotting Against Israel 7/31/2009
  • Settlement Foes Take Fight to Israel’s High Court 7/31/2009
  • US Demands Concessions as Hamas Leader Says Open to Peace 7/31/2009
  • Gaza Children Go for World Record for Kite Flying 7/30/2009
  • Hamas Sponsors Mass Wedding in Gaza 7/30/2009
  • Israeli Report Defends Actions During Gaza War 7/30/2009
  • WHO: Gaza Siege Limits Access to Proper Medical Supplies 7/30/2009
  • Gaza Children Seek World Record 7/30/2009
  • Two Killed in Gaza Tunnel Collapse: Medics 7/30/2009
  • US Briefs Israel on New Iran Sanctions 7/30/2009
  • Israeli Combat Soldiers Up Requests for Material on Morals in War 7/30/2009
  • Israel ‘Defense Brief’: Gaza Offensive Was Proportionate 7/30/2009
  • Israel Says Investigating 100 Gaza War Complaints 7/30/2009
  • Divided, Demoralized Palestinian Movement Hopes to Hit ‘Restart’ 7/30/2009
  • Israel Report Claims Gaza Invasion ‘Necessary and Proportionate’ 7/30/2009
  • For Some Palestinians, Peace Is a Day at the Beach 7/29/2009
  • Israel Stopped Nc Jihad Suspect’s Family in 2007  7/29/2009
  • Clinton to Israel: Iran Will Never Have Nukes 7/28/2009
  • UN Calls on Israel to Allow Gaza Schools to Rebuild /28/2009
  • US Envoy Presses Israel on Settlements 7/28/2009
  • At Least One Killed in Fresh Gaza Smuggling Tunnel Collapse /28/2009
  • Netanyahu: Gazans Want to Overthrow Hamas 7/28/2009
  • UN: Israel Must Allow Building Supplies to Gaza 7/28/2009
  • US Envoys in Israel to Discuss Iran’s Nuclear Ambitions 7/28/2009
  • Nonmilitary Actions Can Deter Iran, Gates Says; Barak Doubtful 7/28/2009
  • Israeli Anthem Kits in Arab Schools 7/27/2009
  • Mitchell to Barak: US Commitment to Israel Security Is ‘Unshakable’ 7/26/2009
  • Israel Religious Party Hits Out at US Over Settlements 7/26/2009
  • Netanyahu: Israel Wants ‘Understanding’ With US 7/26/2009
  • Envoy: US Favors Overall Mideast Peace Accord 7/26/2009
  • Clinton Says Israel Should Be Patient on Iran 7/26/2009
  • In 2 West Bank Settlements, a Sign of Hope for a Deal 7/26/2009
  • Israeli Navy Successfully Tests Missile Defense System for Ships 7/26/2009
  • Gaza Judge Tells Female Lawyers to Wear Head Scarf 7/26/2009
  • Gaza Movie House Owner Becomes Vegetable Vendor 7/25/2009
  • Accused Israel Spy Hints at FBI Anti-Semitism in AIPAC Probe 7/25/2009
  • Palestinian Who Is Terror Suspect in Lebanon Arrested in Greece 7/25/2009
  • Official: Gaza Militants Killed in Blast En Route to ‘Holy Mission’ 7/25/2009
  • Documentary Sparks Uproar at Jewish Film Fest 7/25/2009
  • Top US Officials Line Up to Tell Israel to Step Back From Settlements, Stand Down on Iran 7/25/2009
  • Hamas Sponsors Mass Palestinian Wedding at Syrian Refugee Camp  7/25/2009
  • Iran Accused of ‘Zionist’ Tactics  7/25/2009
  • Hamas Says Egypt Bolstering Gaza Border Security 7/25/2009
  • Gates, in Visit to Israel, Will Find Iran Looming 7/25/2009
  • Iran Will Strike Israel Nuclear Sites if Attacked 7/25/2009
  • Israel Warns Gaza Reconstruction Aid Could Help Hamas 7/24/2009
  • Israel Warns Gaza Reconstruction Aid Might Help Hamas 7/24/2009
  • UN Says Israel, Hezbollah Want to Keep Truce 7/24/2009
  • UN Agency Denies Boss Fled Gaza Death Threat 7/24/2009
  • Israel Uses Hitler Picture to Sell Its Settlement Expansion 7/24/2009
  • Israel’s Own Rifle Gives the Bullet to US-Made M-16 7/24/2009
  • US Transfers $200 Million in Aid to Palestinians 7/24/2009
  • Hundreds of Israelis Plan Temple Mount Ascent to ‘Protest Obama’ 7/23/2009
  • Activists Say Israel Gave Key Sites to Settlers 7/23/2009
  • Activists Say Israel Gave Key Site to Settlers 7/23/2009
  • Netanyahu to Arabs: Saudi Plan Can Help Bring Peace 7/23/2009
  • Hamas Shifts From Rockets to Public Relations 7/23/2009
  • Israeli Missile-Defense System Hits Snag 7/23/2009
  • Israel Rejects French Calls to Freeze Settlements 7/23/2009
  • Israeli Missile-Defense Test Aborted 7/23/2009
  • Israel Concerned Over US ‘Umbrella’ on Iran 7/23/2009
  • Israeli FM Says Iran Nuke Program Could Set Off Arms Race 7/23/2009
  • France Grills Israeli Ambassador Over Settlements 7/23/2009
  • Hamas: Egypt Bars Well-Known Syrian Actor From Crossing Into Gaza 7/23/2009
  • Netanyahu Calls for ‘Warm Peace’ With Arabs 7/23/2009
  • Clinton Stirs Israeli Fears US Will Accept Nuclear Iran 7/22/2009
  • Israel Cuts 1948 ‘Catastrophe’ From Arabic Texts 7/22/2009
  • Turkish Leader Presses Israel to Return Golan 7/22/2009
  • Jerusalem Standoff Threatens Middle East Peace Plans 7/22/2009
  • Israeli FM Hopes Hitler Photo Will ‘Embarrass’ West Into Letting Them Expand Settlements 7/22/2009
  • Israeli FM Presses Brazil on Iran’s Nuclear Program  7/22/2009
  • Senior Fatah Official: We Won’t Recognize Israel 7/22/2009
  • UN Chief to Israel: Freeze Natural Settlement Growth 7/22/2009
  • Egyptian FM: Israel Not Willing to Pay Price for Gilad Shalit 7/22/2009
  • Netanyahu: Israel Won’t Dismantle West Bank Barrier 7/22/2009
  • Israel Won’t Meet With Top Palestinian Negotiator Because He Met With Iranian FM 7/22/2009
  • Venezuela Denies Alleged Ties With Hezbollah 7/22/2009
  • Dozens Wounded in Gaza Wedding Blast: Medics 7/22/2009
  • Israel, Brazil Spar Over Nuclear Ambitions in Middle East 7/22/2009
  • Tuesday: 13 Iraqis Killed, 97 Wounded 7/21/2009
  • Europe Raises Pressure on Israel to Stop Settlements 7/21/2009
  • US: Too Soon to Talk of Sanctions Over Settlements 7/21/2009
  • Rabbis for Human Rights Press Netanyahu to Investigate Gaza Conduct 7/21/2009
  • Bingo Mogul Key Figure in Latest US-Israel Spat 7/21/2009
  • France Summons Israeli Ambassador, Slams Settlement Policy 7/21/2009
  • Russia Calls on Israel to Halt East Jerusalem Housing Project 7/21/2009
  • Deputy FM: Israel Has ‘Indisputable’ Right to East Jerusalem Construction 7/21/2009
  • Blast at Gaza Wedding Wounds 40 Palestinians 7/21/2009
  • Commander Who Shot Bound Palestinians May Get Prison Sentence 7/21/2009
  • Israeli Official: Opposition to West Bank Settlements May Undermine US Credibility 7/21/2009
  • More Heat on Israel Over Settlements 7/21/2009
  • Israeli Envoy Accuses UN of ‘Cooperating’ With Infiltrators 7/20/2009
  • Palestinians: Settlers Torch West Bank Olive Trees 7/20/2009
  • Netanyahu Upholds Plan to Build in E. Jerusalem 7/20/2009
  • In South America, Israeli FM Seeks to Block Iran 7/20/2009
  • ‘No Difference to US Between Outpost, East Jerusalem Construction’ 7/20/2009
  • Israel Deploys Cyber Team to Spread Positive Spin on Blogs 7/20/2009
  • US: No Unilateral Moves in East Jerusalem  7/20/2009
  • The Painful Cost to Israel of Its Settler Adventure 7/20/2009
  • US Demand for East Jerusalem Building Freeze ‘Surprised’ Netanyahu 7/19/2009
  • Israeli Troops Shot Unarmed Gaza Civilian Near Border Fence 7/19/2009
  • Israel Rejects US Call, Will Expand East Jerusalem Settlement 7/19/2009
  • Palestinian Negotiator Met Iranian FM: Top Official 7/19/2009
  • Netanyahu: Israel Can Build Anywhere in Jerusalem 7/19/2009
  • Israel Rejects US Call to Halt Jerusalem Project 7/19/2009
  • Israel Says Foreign Jihadists Are in Gaza 7/19/2009
  • Israel Defies US on Jerusalem Settlement 7/19/2009
  • Robert Gates to Visit Israel: Officials 7/19/2009
  • Gates Visit to Israel Expected to Focus on Iran 7/19/2009
  • Israeli Military Pamphlet: Pope Seeking to Wipe Out Jews 7/19/2009
  • Palestinian Police Wound Two in West Bank Raid 7/19/2009
  • Hamas and Fatah Delay Unity Talks: Report 7/19/2009
  • Avigdor Lieberman: US Freeze Demand Is ‘Odd’ 7/19/2009
  • Palestinian Authority Lifts Ban on al-Jazeera, but Will Pursue Legal Action Over ‘Incitement’ 7/19/2009
  • One Killed, Four Wounded in Tunnel Under Gaza-Egypt Borders 7/19/2009
  • Palestinian PM to US: Draft New Mideast Peace Plan 7/18/2009
  • UN Official: Removing Gaza War Rubble Needs Over 8 Months 7/18/2009
  • Israel: Shocking New Evidences Emerges in Affair Involving IDF Troops Abused by Commanders 7/18/2009
  • Palestinians Forced to Seek Work in Israel 7/18/2009
  • Olmert: US Must Stop Focusing on Israeli Settlements 7/18/2009
  • Palestinian Authority Lifts Ban on al-Jazeera 7/18/2009
  • US Officials Praise Netanyahu Measures to Ease West Bank Life 7/18/2009
  • Israel Slams Civilian Occupation of Army Post 7/18/2009
  • Israeli Army Attacks West Bank Rally, Injuring 5 Palestinians 7/18/2009
  • Israeli Gunships Open Fire at Palestinian Fishermen in Northern Gaza 7/18/2009
  • US Group Rallies Israeli Soldiers to Combat Gaza Allegations 7/18/2009
  • Hamas Makes Feature Film About Slain Militant 7/18/2009
  • Palestinian FM Insists on Holding Elections in January 7/18/2009
  • Palestinians Fear Israeli-US Understanding Over Settlements 7/18/2009
  • Egypt Police Seize Half-Ton of Explosives Near Gaza Border 7/18/2009
  • 15 Lebanese Cross Israeli Border With Hezbollah Flags 7/17/2009
  • A-Zahar: Fatah Planned Hit on Hamas Leaders 7/17/2009
  • Arabs Must Talk to Israeli Media: Bahrain’s Crown Prince 7/17/2009
  • Turkey Warns Deadline for Palestinian State Counterproductive 7/17/2009
  • Lebanese Protesters Briefly Take Over Israeli Post 7/17/2009
  • Dissident Israeli Soldiers Turn a Harsh Light on the Gaza War 7/16/2009
  • Anti-Zionist Jews Meet With Hamas Leader in Gaza 7/16/2009
  • Ultra-Orthodox Jews Riot in Jerusalem Over Arrest 7/16/2009
  • 10 Police Officers Hurt as Jerusalem Riots Continue Into the Night 7/16/2009
  • Leaked Manual Outlines Talking Points for Pro-Israel Activists in US 7/16/2009
  • Hamas Sees Opening in Meeting With Former US Envoy 7/16/2009
  • Israel: Lebanon Blast Shows ‘Flagrant’ Violations 7/16/2009
  • Deal on Palestinian Statehood Could Include International Endorsement of Israeli Attack on Iran 7/16/2009
  • Signs of Hope Emerge in the West Bank 7/16/2009
  • Israel: Iran, Syria Still Send Arms to Hezbollah 7/16/2009
  • West Offering to Endorse Israeli Attack on Iran as Part of Settlement Deal 7/16/2009
  • Israeli Reservists Take on ‘Most Moral’ Military 7/15/2009
  • Clinton Doesn’t Rule Out Compromise With Israel on Construction 7/15/2009
  • Israelis Chained Pregnant Prisoners to Beds 7/15/2009
  • Palestinians Ban al-Jazeera Television Over Plot Allegations 7/15/2009
  • Imf: West Bank Economy Can Grow if Israel Eases Up 7/15/2009
  • Israeli Navy in Suez Canal Prepares for Potential Attack on Iran 7/15/2009
  • Hamas to Non-Aligned Movement Summit: End the Gaza Blockade 7/15/2009
  • PA Forces Raid al-Jazeera Offices in West Bank, Announce Ban 7/15/2009
  • UK Upholds Ban on ‘Misleading’ Israel Tourism Ad 7/15/2009
  • Gaza War Order Was ‘Shoot First,’ Some Troops Say 7/15/2009
  • Israel Blocks French Envoys From Bastille Day Party in Gaza 7/15/2009
  • Why Some Israeli Soldiers Are Disillusioned by Gaza Tactics 7/15/2009
  • Will EU Penalize Exports From Israeli Settlements? 7/14/2009
  • Soldiers Say Received Orders to Shoot First, Worry Later in Gaza War 7/14/2009
  • Israel Accuses Lebanon of Violating UN Resolution 7/14/2009
  • Citing National Security, Israel Drops Charges Against Settler Filmed Shooting Palestinians 7/14/2009
  • Israeli Soldiers Reveal the Brutal Truth of Gaza Attack 7/14/2009
  • Israeli Soldiers in Gaza Describe a ‘Moral Twilight Zone’ 7/14/2009
  • CIA’s Kill Teams Were Modeled on Israel’s Hit Squads 7/14/2009
  • Israeli Military Used Human Shields in Gaza 7/14/2009
  • Israel Revives Bill to Require Referendum on Golan Pullout 7/14/2009
  • 3 Israelis Wounded in West Bank Attack 7/13/2009
  • Netanyahu: Palestinians Could Achieve More if They Cooperated 7/13/2009
  • Obama to US Jewish Leaders: Israel Must Engage in Self-Reflection 7/13/2009
  • Britain Revokes 5 Arms Export Licenses to Israel 7/13/2009
  • Israeli Military Chief During Lebanon War Says He’d Do It Again the Same 7/13/2009
  • Hamas: Israel Distributing Sexy Gum to Destroy Gaza 7/13/2009
  • Tensions Soar Between Israeli UN Delegation, Al-Jazeera 7/13/2009
  • Israel’s Netanyahu Invites Abbas to Talk Peace 7/12/2009
  • Israel Never Dallied on Iran Nukes, Says Netanyahu 7/12/2009
  • Solana to UN: Accept Palestinian State Even if Israel Does Not 7/12/2009
  • Palestinians Skeptical Over Netanyahu Talks Proposal 7/12/2009
  • Israeli Spy Memorial Hides More Than It Reveals 7/12/2009
  • Netanyahu to Palestinians: Abandon Right of Return 7/12/2009
  • Palestinians Reject Any Israel-US Settlement Deal 7/12/2009
  • UK Hits Israel With Partial Arms Embargo Over Gaza War 7/12/2009
  • Children in Gaza’s Blockade-Busting Tunnels 7/12/2009
  • Report: Gilad Shalit Talks to Resume Soon in Israel 7/11/2009
  • Report: Egypt Drops Bid for Palestinian Unity Government 7/11/2009
  • Israel Has ‘No Knowledge’ of US Ultimatum for West Bank Freeze 7/11/2009
  • France: US Gave Israel Six Months to Freeze Settlements 7/11/2009
  • Abbas: Fatah Will Accept Any Proposal to End Siege on Palestinians 7/11/2009
  • Conflict-Worn Palestinians Carve Out Niches of Joy 7/11/2009
  • Hamas Nabs Two Islamic Jihad Men Preparing to Fire Mortars at Israel 7/11/2009
  • Green Party Boss Links Pro-Israel German Group to Mossad 7/11/2009
  • 1982 Memo Shows Israel Learned Little From First Lebanon War 7/11/2009
  • Israeli Forces Close Down West Bank Town 7/11/2009
  • Zahar: Hamas Responded Positively to Israeli Offers Over Shalit 7/11/2009
  • Lebanese Shepherds Outraged by Israeli Cow Incursions 7/11/2009
  • Jewish Residents in Beersheba Neighborhood Upset at Palestinian Collaborators Relocated to Site 7/11/2009
  • Israeli Warships Open Fire at Palestinian Fishermen in Gaza 7/11/2009
  • IDF Uses ‘Skunk Bomb’ in Bil’in Protest 7/11/2009
  • UN Investigator: Gaza War Report Will Be Balanced 7/11/2009
  • Israeli West Bank PR Campaign Leaves Palestinians in Doubt 7/10/2009
  • Settlers Are Encountering Their First Real Opponent – Obama 7/10/2009
  • Gaza’s Children Struggle With Memories of War 7/10/2009
  • Israeli Foreign Ministry’s ‘Internet Warfare Squad’ to Laud Israel in Comment Section of Blogs 7/10/2009
  • Netanyahu Aide: No Golan Pullout for Peace 7/10/2009
  • Netanyahu Aide: There Is No Palestinian Leadership 7/9/2009
  • Netanyahu Adviser Hints at Need for Even Bigger Nuclear Arsenal 7/9/2009
  • Israeli Barrier Adds Nightly Wait to Palestinian Workday 7/9/2009
  • Mubarak Accuses Israel of Aborting Deal for Captive Soldier 7/9/2009
  • The Families Driven Apart by Israel’s Red Tape 7/9/2009
  • Netanyahu Adviser Hints at Need for ‘Tremendously Powerful’ Nuclear Arsenal 7/9/2009
  • Hamas Accuses Fatah of Spying for Israel in Gaza 7/9/2009
  • Aide: Netanyahu Told German FM West Bank Cannot Be ‘Judenrein` 7/9/2009
  • Egypt in First West Bank Talks With Hamas in Three Years 7/9/2009
  • Israeli Strike on Iran Would Be ‘Catastrophe’: Sarkozy 7/9/2009
  • Is Netanyahu Losing It? 7/9/2009
  • UN: Palestinians Will Need a Year to Clear Tons of Gaza War Rubble 7/9/2009
  • Israel to Allow 24-Hour West Bank Crossing 7/8/2009
  • Risking Israel’s Ire, US Takes 1,350 Palestinian Refugees 7/8/2009
  • Obama Backs Away From Biden’s Iran Comments 7/8/2009
  • Shin Bet Given De Facto Control Over Judge Appointments 7/8/2009
  • Settler Attacks Peace Now Activists Documenting Settlement Construction 7/8/2009
  • Is Israel Already at War With Iran? 7/8/2009
  • If Proven, Alleged Israeli Spying in Lebanon a ‘Serious Violation’: UN 7/8/2009
  • Hamas: Mubarak Doesn’t Know Soldier’s Condition 7/8/2009
  • US Denies Israeli Report of Deal on Settlements 7/8/2009
  • Hamas Denies Palestinian Authority Freed Prisoners 7/8/2009
  • US Distancing Itself From Israel on Iran Issue 7/8/2009
  • Israeli Report: US and Israel Strike Settlement Deal 7/8/2009
  • Hamas Tries to Detain Woman Walking With Man 7/8/2009
  • Netanyahu Aide: US Contrasting With Israel on Iran 7/8/2009
  • Serbia Thanks Abbas for Backing on Kosovo 7/8/2009
  • UN: Israel Must Tear Down West Bank Barrier 7/8/2009
  • Lebanon Officer Suspected of Spying Flees to Israel 7/7/2009
  • Israel Criticised for Thwarting Medical Mission to Palestinian Territories 7/7/2009
  • Syria: No Peace Talks Until Israel Halts Settlement Activity 7/7/2009
  • Israel Calls on Ultra-Orthodox to ‘Save’ Galilee 7/7/2009
  • UN Investigator: Can’t Yet Say if Israel Committed War Crimes in Gaza 7/7/2009
  • Israeli to UN: Palestinian Detainees Kept in Ditches 7/7/2009
  • Wary of Naked Force, Israel Eyes Cyberwar on Iran 7/7/2009
  • Israel Deports Foreign Activists Headed to Gaza 7/6/2009
  • Beirut Art Center Depicts Trauma of War 7/6/2009
  • Growing Unrest in Likud Over Netanyahu’s Refusal to Rule Out Palestinian Statehood 7/6/2009
  • Livni: Netanyahu Doesn’t Really Believe in Two-State Solution 7/6/2009
  • Iran Promises to Do Something if Israel Attacks 7/6/2009
  • Israeli FM Says He Won’t Meet With Mitchell 7/6/2009
  • Israel and US Have Yet to Reach Compromise on Settlement Halt 7/5/2009
  • Biden: US Won’t Stand in Israel’s Way on Iran 7/5/2009
  • Israel Won’t Base Submarines in Red Sea, Says Defense Official 7/5/2009
  • Israel Arrests Alleged Gaza ‘Terror’ Infiltrator 7/5/2009
  • Israel Denies Saudis Gave Airspace Clearance for Iran Strike 7/5/2009
  • Israeli Councilor Faces Probe for Saying All Arabs Must ‘Disappear’ 7/5/2009
  • Israel Denies Report of Saudi Backing for Iran Strike 7/5/2009
  • Cynthia McKinney: Prisoner Number 88794 7/5/2009
  • Israel’s Barak Seeks Peace ‘Understanding’ With US 7/5/2009
  • Hamas Man Suspected of Trying to Assassinate PA Officials 7/4/2009
  • Israel Trade Minister: US Inaction in Face of North Korea, Iran, Is Troubling 7/4/2009
  • Palestinian Police Arrest West Bank ‘Plotters’ 7/4/2009
  • Lebanese Military Court Adjourns Trial of ‘Spies’ for Israel 7/4/2009
  • Saudis Give Nod to Israeli Raid on Iran  7/4/2009
  • Israeli Settlers Demand Meeting With Bibi 7/4/2009
  • Amnesty Defends Report on Israel’s Destruction of Gaza 7/4/2009
  • PA Security Arrests Man ‘Who Received 3 Million Euros From Hamas’ 7/4/2009
  • Egypt Denies Israeli Sub Sailed Suez Canal 7/4/2009
  • Israel Mulling Easing Gaza Embargo, Report Says 7/3/2009
  • Israeli Envoy Warns US Iran Could Cause Holocaust in Seconds 7/3/2009
  • Israel’s ‘Angel of Destruction’ Is Gambling on Iran 7/3/2009
  • Bahrain Officials Make Unprecedented Israel Visit  7/3/2009
  • Israel to Compensate UN for Gaza Property Damage 7/3/2009
  • Gaza Residents Report Severe Shortage of Basic Goods 7/3/2009
  • US Sets New Israel Meeting, Presses Arabs to Help 7/3/2009
  • Gaza Aid Boat Passengers Still in Israeli Custody 7/3/2009
  • Israel Offering Compensation for UN Gaza Damage 7/3/2009
  • Israeli Sub Sails Suez, Signaling Reach to Iran 7/3/2009
  • Israeli DM Recommends ‘Partial’ Lifting of Gaza Embargo 7/3/2009
  • Fatah: Hamas Cell Arrested in West Bank Plotted to Kill Abbas 7/3/2009
  • Israeli FM: Stop Worrying About Settlements and Focus on North Korea 7/2/2009
  • Amnesty Accuses Israel, Hamas of Gaza War Crimes 7/2/2009
  • Israel Spy Scandal Figure Larry Franklin Breaks Silence 7/2/2009
  • UN Expert Says Israeli Seizure of Aid Ship a Crime 7/2/2009
  • Housing Minister: Spread of Arab Population Must Be Stopped 7/2/2009
  • Israel: Amnesty Report ‘Questionable and Objectionable’ 7/2/2009
  • Israel to Deport Cynthia McKinney, Others, After Attacking Aid Boat 7/2/2009
  • Hamas: Amnesty Report Accusing Us of War Crimes Is ‘Unfair’ 7/2/2009
  • Changing Official Story, Israeli Army Admits to Killing Gaza Girl 7/2/2009
  • Palestinians: Israeli Tank Fire Kills Gaza Teen 7/2/2009
  • New IAEA Head Is Israel’s Preferred Candidate 7/2/2009
  • US Re-Approves Israel Loan Guarantees Program 7/1/2009
  • Amnesty Accuses Israel of Using Human Shields in Gaza 7/1/2009
  • Amnesty Says Israel ‘Wantonly’ Destroyed Gaza 7/1/2009
  • Barak: Israel and US Closer to Understanding on Settlement Dispute 7/1/2009
  • Israeli, Palestinian Mayors Address Water Contamination 7/1/2009
  • Amnesty: Israeli Troops Used Children as Human Shields in Gaza 7/1/2009
  • How Israel’s Naval Blockade Denies Gazans Food, Aid 7/1/2009
  • Israel Rejects Total Settlement Freeze 7/1/2009
  • Abbas Regrets Failure to Reach Unity Deal 7/1/2009
  • Palestinian Gets 25 Years for Arms Smuggling 7/1/2009
  • Plight of Palestinians Getting Worse, UN Warns 7/1/2009
  • Israeli High Court: Shooting Bound, Blindfolded Palestinian More Than ‘Improper’ 7/1/2009
  • Israel’s Barak Links Settlement Freeze to Regional Peace Drive 7/1/2009
  • Trial of Israeli Arab ‘Lynch Mob’ Opens to Protests 7/1/2009
  • Netanyahu: Obama Was Right, US-Israel Bond Unbreakable 7/1/2009
  • Israel Versus Hamas: How to Shape a Cease-Fire 12/31/2009
  • Between Tel Aviv and Tehran 6/30/2009
  • Subsidies for Israel, Sanctions for Iran 6/29/2009
  • Israel’s Man of Conscience 6/29/2009
  • Israel’s Settlements Are on Shaky Ground 6/28/2009
  • Want to Stop Israeli Settlements? Follow the Dollars 6/25/2009
  • The Fierce Urgency of a Settlement Freeze 6/25/2009
  • Loose Ends 6/24/2009
  • My Talk With Hamas About Peace With Israel 6/24/2009
  • Israel’s Crimes, America’s Silence 6/24/2009
  • Intifada in Iran 6/23/2009
  • When Bibi Says Yes, What Does He Mean? 6/22/2009
  • Fictions on the Ground 6/22/2009
  • Islamo-Fascism, Judaeo-Fascism, Bapto-Fascism… 6/22/2009
  • Which Iran Are We to Bomb? 6/20/2009
  • Netanyahu’s Cold Peace 6/19/2009
  • Palestinians Without Palestine 6/17/2009
  • Bibi’s Missed Opportunity 6/17/2009
  • Netanyahu’s Niggling, Begrudging, and Cowardly Speech 6/16/2009
  • The Obama-Netanyahu ‘Debate’ 6/16/2009
  • Bibi’s Baby Step: What Next After Netanyahu’s Speech? 6/16/2009
  • Netanyahu’s Illusory Concession on Palestine 6/15/2009
  • Settling for Radicalism 6/15/2009
  • Meanwhile, Back in Israel 6/11/2009
  • Anti-Americanism in Israel 6/10/2009
  • Israel Cracks Down on Minority Rights 6/9/2009
  • Obama’s Obstacles in Congress 6/9/2009
  • A Snare and a Delusion 6/8/2009
  • Obama, the Holocaust, and the Palestinians 6/8/2009
  • The Hollow Howls of the Israeli Right 6/8/2009
  • AIPAC Defamation Lawsuit Threatens to Pierce Veil of Secrecy 6/7/2009
  • Israel Is Controlled by Religious Fanaticism 6/5/2009
  • House Hunting in the West Bank 6/4/2009
  • Unnatural Growth 6/3/2009
  • Obama’s ‘Interference’ in Israeli Politics 6/3/2009
  • Daily testimony from Gaza

    Gaza: Residents Waving White Flags ‘Shot Dead as They Flee Their Homes’ 14/01

    Doctor Killed in Gaza While Treating Wounded 14/01

    Christian Aid Groups Slam Destruction of Their Gaza Clinics 14/01

    At Cairo Hospital, Injured Palestinians Increasingly Voice Support for Hamas 14/01

    Civilians in Gaza Feel ‘Alone in This World’ 14/01

    UNRWA: ‘Nowhere Is Safe’ for Trapped Gaza Civilians 14/01

    Fear Pervades Lives of Gazans Caught Up in Fighting 14/01

    Gazans Open Old Graves to Bury Their New Dead 14/01

    Israel, Aid Groups Have Long Feuded 14/01

    UN Body Rips Israeli Forces for Trampling Rights of Children 14/01

    Gaza in Dire Straits 14/01

    Hamas Declares Victory Over Israel ‘Close’ 13/01

    Israeli Sightseers Flock to Border to Watch Gaza Killings 13/01

    Israelis Rain ‘Phosphorous Bombs’ Over Gaza 13/01

    Ten Israeli Soldiers Choose Jail Over Gaza 13/01

    Growing Calls for Israel to Face War Crimes Investigation 13/01

    Israeli ‘human shield’ claim is full of holes 13/01

    Olmert Brags About Embarrassing Rice in UN Gaza Vote 13/01

    Chavez: Venezuela sending plane with medicine to Gaza 12/01

    Israel admits: “No Hamas rockets were fired during ceasefire” 12/01

    Israels Operation Cast Lead & Mass Executions 12/01

    Gaza residents: IDF troops posing as Hamas men 12/01

    Israel says all weapons legal amid phosphorus claims 12/01

    Cheney wanted Israel to attack Hezbollah for war with Iran 12/01

    Gaza: UN official reports horrific hospital scenes of casualties 12/01

    Israel Bombs “SAFEHOUSE” It Told Civilians To Go To With 55 Children Inside!

    250000 in Madrid against Israel’s genocide

    Cities across the world become platform for hundreds of thousands of protesters against Gaza fighting

    In Solidarity with Palestinian Freedom Fighters

    The Palestinians–Following in the Footsteps of the American Revolution 12/01

    God Bless Naomi Klein: Enough. It’s time for a boycott 11/01

    Hamas rejects the peace plan manipulated by U.S. and European Union to save Israel 11/01

    israeli spokesman gets shut up by Alex Thomson 11/01

    Israel’s bombardment of Gaza is not self-defence – it’s a war crime 11/01

    Hamas leader accuses Israel of Gaza holocaust 10/01

    Tens of thousands join London Gaza protest 10/01

    Israel follows the path of Nazi Germany 10/01

    Criticism of Israeli War Crimes Mounts 10/01

    What You Don’t Know About Gaza US Abstention Stuns Security Council 10/01

    Officials: Bush Rejected Israeli Plea to Raid Iran 10/01

    Israel criticised after ‘shocking’ discovery of exhausted children 10/01

    Gaza ‘war crimes’ warning – SMH – 10 Jan.09

    UN votes for Gaza truce: US abstains – SMH – 09 Jan.09 So everyone votes fo a cease fire EXCEPT America.

    Despite The Massacre, Israel Is Failing 9/1

    The Old Testament and the genocide in Gaza

    Israel ‘fires on UN Gaza convoy’ 9/1

    Who is behind the Lebanon rockets? 9/1


    Yes, it really IS a crime under US law to boycott Israel! 9/1

    ‘Iran aid ship nears Gaza’ 9/1


    Babies cling to life in stricken hospital 9/1

    Israelis ‘Really Happy’ as Gaza Attack Continues 9/1

    Vatican: Gaza Like a ‘Big Concentration Camp’ 9/1

    UN: Israel Admits Claims About Attacked School Baseless 9/1

    Gaza Medics Describe Horror of Strike Which Killed 70 9/1

    Death Toll in Gaza Passes 700, Including 220 Children 9/1

    Media Eyeless in Gaza at Key Moment 9/1

    Unintended Consequences Pose Risks for Obama’s Mideast Policy 9/1

    Israeli Troops Kill UN Aid Truck Driver 9/1

    Making the Gaza Prison More Secure – What is Israel’s Objective? – By JONATHAN COOK

    Is Fatah Doomed? What is New About Gaza? By LAWRENCE DAVIDSON

    Despite the Bloodshed, Israel is Failing – What Kind of Security Will This Barbarism Bring Israel? By SAREE MAKDISI

    What Silence Says – Gaza is Still Waiting on Obama – By TAMI SARFATTI and YONATAN MENDEL

    Separating the Truth from the Hype – The Gaza Bloodbath By MIKE WHITNEY

    The U.S.-Backed War on Gaza – The Silent Partner By LARRY EVEREST

    The Real Estate War in Gaza The History and “Morals” of Ethnic Cleansing By VICTORIA BUCH

    CNN Confirms Israel Broke Ceasefire First Thats mighty big of you CNN. Did you get permission to say that?


    Saudis reject oil embargo on Israel Shabash

    UN: “Israel knew they were bombing a school”

    Judaic Columnist Urges: “Kill the Muslims”

    Air Strike Kills 60 Palestinians in One Family 08Jan

    Australian Jews protest against Israel’s action 08Jan

    Robert Fisk: Why do they hate the West so much, we will ask

    Natural Born Killers – Mark Glenn

    “This is an all-out war against the civilian Palestinian population in Gaza” Recommended link. Below video are a list of several sources

    Israel Commits Genocide on Tuesday, Strikes Schools

    Venezuela expels Israeli ambassador

    Strike at Gaza school ‘kills 30’

    US Envoy Ordered to Keep UN From Stopping War 07.Jan | Reports: Khalilzad Ordered to Keep UN From Stopping Gaza War |

    Cleric Urges Arab Leaders to Recruit Volunteer Fighters for Gaza 07.Jan

    Iran Says 70,000 Volunteer for Israel Fight 07Jan – Then fight ! What are you waiting for ?

    Mubarak: Hamas Must Not Be Allowed to Win 07.Jan Hey Mubarak what good friends you have you %^&*&

    Egyptian army threatens Mubarek government with military coup for supporting Israel

    Depleted uranium found in Gaza victims

    Former Ambassador John Bolton: Give Gaza to Egypt and West Bank to Jordan

    Zionists deliberately targeting civilians

    The American Puppet State

    Gaza: The Death and Life of my Father

    ‘People Are Being Killed in Their Homes’ – An Eyewitness Account of Conditions on the Ground in Gaza

    Israel is Immune From Criticism By BRIAN CLOUGHLEY

    A View From Pakistan – Gaza and India By FAHEEM HUSSAIN

    Mauritania withdraws envoy from Israel

    Fallujah by the Sea: Aping America, Israel Unleashes Chemical Weapons in Gaza

    Interesting list: people with dual Israeli/US citizenship

    How you can help… | 26 Ways

    Israeli Massacres – Details & Numbers

    Recommended Coverage Sites updated twice daily

    WRH Michael Riviero’s powerhouse site

    Coverage at Al Jazeera Updated frequently

    Information Clearing House

    The Cause Of Violence In The Middle East–Jewish Extremism/Supremacism

    Part 1 | Part 2 Source

    Gaza Under Siege


    Mideast Reaction

    European Reaction

    US Reaction

    Must See Video

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