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The Base tapes

Secret recordings reveal how a global white supremacist terror group actively targeted young Australian men for recruitment, including a One Nation candidate for federal parliament. By Alex Mann and Kevin Nguyen Full Story Here 

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Australian special forces involved in murder of 39 Afghan civilians, war crimes report alleges

Australian special forces were allegedly involved in the murder of 39 Afghan civilians, in some cases executing prisoners to “blood” junior soldiers before inventing cover stories and planting weapons on corpses, a major report has found. For more than four … Continue reading

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The Serena Williams cartoon exposes Australias ignorance on race – Alana Lentin

The whole world has woken up to be faced with what we in Australia have apparently become immune to: yet another vile, racist cartoon, so base in its age-old reproduction of bestial caricature to nonetheless make us look again in … Continue reading

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Flashback: Checking his privilege: A response to Tal Fortgang – By Neal Schindler

For a while Ive been meaning to address the controversial essay Checking My Privilege, by Jewish college student Tal Fortgang. At Princeton, Fortgangs fellow collegians apparently advise him to check his privilege on a regular basis. Since I attended hyper-liberal … Continue reading

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Flashback: Dear Privileged-at-Princeton: You. Are. Privileged. And Meritocracy Is a Myth. By BRIANA PAYTON May 6, 2014 (Response to Tal Fortang)

When I readThe Princeton Torycover story Checking My Privilege: Character as the Basis of Privilege, written by my classmate Tal Fortgang, I realized that I had just witnessed an attempt at checking privilege that was so unsuccessful it was borderline … Continue reading

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Flashback: Why I’ll Never Apologize for My White Male Privilege – Tal Fortang – 2.May.14

There is a phrase that floats around college campuses, Princeton being no exception, that threatens to strike down opinions without regard for their merits, but rather solely on the basis of the person that voiced them. Check your privilege, the … Continue reading

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My white friend asked me to explain white privilege, so I decided to be honest. – LORI LAKIN HUTCHERSON 19 October 2017

He wanted to know how institutional racism has made an impact on my life. Im glad he asked, because I was ready to answer. Yesterday I was tagged in a Facebook post by an old high school friend asking me … Continue reading

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The veil in anxious times

An Australian MP’s burqa-wearing stunt this week won’t be last time this issue will come up. But under the veil of the Western preoccupation with head covering, what is this really about? This week, Australias far-right One Nation party leader … Continue reading

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White Skin Privilege by RICHARD MOSER

White privilege is a thing. Its just not the same thing the corporate Democrats use to boss us around with. The concept of white privilege was not invented by some liberal university professors. In fact, the concept of white privilege … Continue reading

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Islamophobia in Australia

Aussie Muslim women 3 times more likely to face #Islamophobia: Read the @IslamophobiaReg @CharlesSturtUni report. DiversityCouncilAust (@DivCouncilAus) July 14, 2017

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