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Pakistani-American director Iram Parveen Bilal’s new film shows a different type of Pakistani family

I’ll Meet You There is Bilal’s third feature film after Josh and PHD film. Josh was released in Pakistan in 2012 at a time when Pakistani cinema was shakily climbing back up to its feet. We sat down with Bilal to find out more about the film and … Continue reading

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Fake News Uncovered..

REVEALED: Indian Chronicles – how a massive 15-year influence operation successfully targeted the EU & UN with 750+ fake local media and 10+ zombie-NGOs. Executive Summary & full report: https://t.co/W3IAxQTOqZHere are the facts 👇 (1/n) pic.twitter.com/eXW6bh48gv — EU DisinfoLab (@DisinfoEU) … Continue reading

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The abandoned mansions of Pakistan (Full Documentary) BBC Stories

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A Wretched Day for Democracy: Revocation of the Special Status of Kashmir by NYLA ALI KHAN

The India that Jammu and Kashmir acceded to in 1947 had chosen democracy, secularism, and socialism as its goals. Although the Praja Parishad, predecessor of the RSS, was determined to foist a solution of the entire Kashmir issue along communal … Continue reading

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India Annexes Kashmir and Brings Us Back to Partition By Mohammed Hanif

LAHORE, Pakistan Pakistani kids are taught in and out of school that Kashmir is our shah rug(jugular vein). Indians believe that Kashmir is their atoot ang (indispensable body part). Urdu and Persian poetry is full of paeans to the beauty … Continue reading

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Complete PM Imran Khan Address To The Nation On Pakistan Striking India

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India and Pakistan: Forever rivals?

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Witness – Going Back to Pakistan: 70 Years After Partition

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India Celebrates Democracy, Kashmir Cries Hypocrisy by PRITI GULATI COX

India wants to reap the benefits of Islamophobia from which the world is suffering. the Indian government has to reconcile its own people to body bags coming from Kashmir. If the Indian people were told the truth that Kashmiris dont … Continue reading

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“Thus Spake Nehru” – Greater Kashmir 2010 – Interesting Nehru Quotes

Yes Roy is right, if New Delhi is serious in filing a case against her and Geelani, they must first file it against the first prime minister of India, Hashim Qureshi quotes Nehru’s speeches which, by today’s New Delhi logic, … Continue reading

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