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The Square

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Look Who the US Is Siding With in Ukraine, Egypt, and Syria – Chris Ernesto

“US quietly partners with neo-Nazis in Ukraine, fascists in Egypt, and al-Qaeda in Syria” Imagine if protesters – supported by Russia – established an encampment in front of the US Capitol, threw Molotov cocktails into government buildings, fired guns at … Continue reading

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Egypt is Bleeding, Thanks to US Dollars for Military Thugs by NORMAN POLLACK

Do I single out the New York Times? No, it is a microcosm of the thinking, planning, and assumptions of US Imperialism, itself having invariably a Janus-faced position, looking and acting simultaneously outward and inward, mounting a global framework of … Continue reading

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How Egypt Killed Political Islam by SHAMUS COOKE

The rebirth of the Egyptian revolution ushered in the death of the first Muslim Brotherhood government. But some near-sighted analysts limit the events of Egypt to a military coup. Yes, the military is desperately trying to stay relevant — given the enormous initiative of … Continue reading

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In Egypt the Military is Supreme by ESAM AL-AMIN

The Generals have done it again! Egypt’s president, Mohamed Morsi, was deposed one year after being democratically elected by the Egyptian people. For those opposed to Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), the move by the military is seen as … Continue reading

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The Brotherhood Has Failed by URI AVNERY

Let me come back to the story about Zhou Enlai, the Chinese Communist leader. When asked what he thought about the French Revolution, he famously answered: “It’s too early to say.” This was considered a typical piece of ancient Chinese … Continue reading

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Robert Fisk – When is a military coup not a military coup? When it happens in Egypt, apparently

For the first time in the history of the world, a coup is not a coup. The army take over, depose and imprison the democratically elected president, suspend the constitution, arrest the usual suspects, close down television stations and mass … Continue reading

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Robert Fisk – The army is built from both sides of Egypt’s divide – yet must now keep them apart

The army’s in charge. Call it a coup, if you like. But the Egyptian military – or the infamous “Supreme Council of the Armed Forces” as we must again call it – is now running Egypt. By threat at first … Continue reading

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