Notable – 20.Oct 09

Hunt for Jundallah may cross into Pakistan: Iran MP

Ahmadinejad urges Zardari to ‘confront’ bombers

Officials: Gen. McChrystal Now Seeking 80,000 Additional Troops for Afghanistan

Pakistan focuses on Taliban sanctuary

US, Pakistani Govts Overtly Lying About Blackwater Presence

Agenda behind terrorism

Ahmed Rashid’s War – TARIQ ALIObama’s Betrayed Mission – GIDEON LEVY

US embassy cannot account for import of weapons

Unravelling the chaos in Pakistan, a narrative of the past few turbulent months

No more unchecked comings and goings for US officials

Obama quietly deploying 13,000 more US troops to Afghanistan

Massive war games showcase deepening India-US ties

Article in Washington post regarding Kerry Lugar “The only benefit I can see here is a perverse one: It may actually be easier for the Pakistani military to battle the Taliban and al-Qaeda if it’s seen by the public as standing up defiantly to American pressure. There’s no better cover for a pro-American policy, after all, than bashing Uncle Sam.” 

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