The Quest for Economic Progress – An Islamic Blueprint for Pakistan (PDF book)

At this point in time when Capitalist economic solutions have a virtual monopoly in the discussion of economics for both Muslims and kuffar, it is critical that a working alternative model is presented to the world. As the recent Credit Crunch has shaken the global Capitalist structure to its very foundations, people world-wide are questioning its practical stability and intellectual validity. As the bankruptcy of Capitalist thought is revealed, there is an urgent need to replace it with a practical alternative model that is based upon sound ideas and has a pedigree of success.

This book is a presentation of a practical alternative Islamic economic model, with Pakistan as a case study, on which to build a dynamic and innovative economy fit for the 21st Century. Addressing areas as diverse as agriculture to energy, this book is a blueprint for turning a resource rich yet poorly managed country like Pakistan from an economic dependent to a global power. This model draws upon the juristic works of Islamic scholars and applies their research in an unprecedented fashion, bringing together years of Islamic scholastic tradition with the needs of the modern world.

This book also highlights the political implication of basing an economy upon an Islamic model. It serves to highlight how political unification with the rest of the Islamic world can act as a catalyst for economic development and the establishment of a modern Islamic State with unparalleled power and influence.

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