War Costs in Perspective

With $872.6 billion, the cost of the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan so far, the United States could fund…

     …a year’s worth of health care for 117 million Americans ($7,439/person)

    …one year of public elementary school for 116 million children ($7,500/child)…four years of public university

    tuition for 35 million students ($6,185/student) …145 billion mosquito nets to help stop malaria in the developing world ($6/net)

    4.6 billion laptops to promote literacy in the developing world ($188/laptop)

    If you had an expense account that let you spend $1 million dollars per day… …it would take 2,391 years to spend $872.6 billion, the cost of Iraq and Afghanistan so far.

    The cost of Iraq and Afghanistan laid out end-to-end in $100 bills… …would extend 846,157.6 miles – or just short of 34 times around the Earth’s circumference.

    The conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan have cost each American family of four $11,458.

Source Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation Total Iraq and Afghanistan Supplemental War Funding To Date Actual U.S State Dept. figures used as source. Current combined direct American spending on Iraq + Afghanistan is $11.33 billion per month. And they give Pakistan $1.5 billion annually to fight it’s war on the cheap !

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