Mike Whitney – Israel’s Moral and Political Insanity |Is Israel Using Experimental Weapons in Gaza?

Jonathan Cook – Israel Ponders the Third Stage | Israel Bars Arab Parties From Elections

Paul Craig Roberts –The Humiliation of America

Bill and Kathleen Christison – Blowback From a Tragic Error: a Message to Barack Obama

Ewa Jasiewicz – Oh, Quiet Night: Only Six Homes Were Bombed | Bill Quigley – A Day in Gaza | Dave Lindorff – From Vietnam to Gaza

Just a side note: Hamas has already won the war. Israel has failed. As Julia Irwin said “only they (Israel) could convince you that killing children was an act of self-defence.”  And that’s the point. A ruthless and cold-hearted war machine with gadget, gizmo’s, tanks and the complete backing of the western world still can’t understand why Palestinian kids still face them, only with stones and still can’t chieve any of it’s aims. It also baffles them why after 61 years they have not enjoyed a single night of peace and why it has not moved a single inch closer to legitimacy. Israel is a failure, a completely unviable venture by led by psychopaths and murderers. A complete burden on planet earth. Imagine how popular America could have been had it not had the liability called Israel?

The Boycott Israel List of Products and Service providers that should be avoided at all costs – The Boycott Israel List (PDF)

McDonalds supports the Israeli Killing Machine

Do you prefer your baby killer coffee dark roast or regular?

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