Musharraf Resigns – Video & related coverage

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Associated Press report

Pakistan’s Musharraf steps down – Al Jazeera Coverage & reader comments

Implications of a Musharraf Resignation

Rice Says US Asylum for Musharraf ‘Not on the Table’

US: Pakistan’s Musharraf a ‘Good Ally’ Despite Disagreements

Zardari: Next Pakistan President May Be a Woman

Revealed: Musharraf’s Luxury Retirement Pad

Saudi Arabia Palace Not to Host Pakistan Leaders Any More

Musharraf to ‘Seek Refuge’ in London

Musharraf’s Turbulent 9 Years in Power

Split Pakistani Govt Faces Many Tests

Pakistan Looks Ahead to Life Without Musharraf

After Musharraf’s Exit, Joy and Challenges

Musharraf Leaves a Fractured Pakistan

Pakistan Looks Ahead Without Musharraf

Musharraf Walked a Tightrope

Musharraf: The Legacy of the Enigmatic General Who Became President

Pakistan Stocks Surge on Musharraf Resignation

Musharraf’s Resignation Won’t Solve Pakistan’s Problems

US Pledges to Support New Pakistan Government

A New Quest for US in Pakistan After Musharraf

World Reacts Over Musharraf Resignation

Israeli President Denies Trying to Help Musharraf

Afghanistan Happy With Musharraf’s Resignation

Afghanistan Hopes for Stable Pakistan as Musharraf Quits

26 Aug.08

Psychiatrist: Zardari Unstable, Suffering From PTSD After 11 Years in Prison

Swiss Drop Charges Against Zardari

Pakistan Political Prospects as Coalition Splits

Pakistan’s Tumultuous Politics

Western forces poised to halt Taliban tide

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