Editorial 20/02/08


The other day I was emailed a picture of former Australian Prime Minister (and eternal redneck) John Howard taken in Lagos, Nigeria. Why would he go to Nigeria? My opnion is that there must be oil there and that at some point real soon he will join the Carlyle Group, the Bush & Bin Laden family oil business. Why else would John Howard visit anywhere where black people live?

Fidel Castro My observation of leadership in the Muslim world is that no matter what a leader has to be pushed to leave. Seldom do we see leaders of Eastern countries say “I’ve done all I can do, it’s time for me to move on”. Imagine Pakistan if Musharraf said that. Even Fidel Castro has decided his time is up. He has resigned as leader. article | bio

Quote: “There’s no need for other media outlets to report on the address by the president of the United States; just let Bush do the talking. For a country that can read, write and think, no one can make a more eloquent criticism of the empire than Bush himself.’” – On George Bush’s State of the Union Address, January 2008. Ten Classic Castro Quotes

Pakistan elections – Interesting coverage over at Al Jazeera and what about the Army Chief

Musharraf & Kayani

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