Why Iran is next

In the April 2003 Disclosure I posted an article called EURO BIN LADEN….How the Euro will Finish What Osama Couldn’t
Achieve. When I read this article back then I was somewhat stunned. The article makes a great deal of sense. At the time I shared the discussion of this article with a friend. He was skeptical. Then a number of articles began to surface, all reporting on the Russian Central Bank, China,and other Middle Eastern countries intentions to dump the U.S. dollar in favor of the Euro. In the last couple of days I stumbled over a couple more articles that support the suggestions I came across in the original “Euro Bin Laden” article. These are:- The Economic Tsunami: Coming Sooner Than You Think – Counterpunch – April 8, 2005

The Real Reasons Why Iran is the Next Target: The Emerging Euro-denominated International Oil Marker – Energy Bulletin – 27 Oct 2004

Its the Oil stupid – Joseph Clifford

I urge you to read these articles. Of course they are just a stepping stone for more research. Try also”

Iran Archive and the Economics Archive at What Really Happened

Wolf at the Door


Life after the Oil Crash

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