Muslim Rajputs – Who are they?

Rajput Princes at Mayo College

Mayo College was opened by British Government to educate Rajput princes and other nobles in 1875 at Ajmer Rajputana. Viewed in this picture are first four Rajput princes and extreme right is Muslim.

Muslim Rajputs (more commonly known as Musalman Rajputs within India and Pakistan) are Rajputs who practice Islam.

Rajputs (Urdu: راجپوت, Hindi: राजपूत) were the warrior and ruling clans of India during the classical period, i.e. 8-13th century. They originally hailed from the historical state of Rajputana, which is in Rajasthan.

The term Rajput is traditionally applied to the original Suryavanshi, Chandravanshi and Agnivanshi clans.

The 1931 census of British India was the last to record caste affiliation in a manner that provides reliable information on Rajput demographics. Any present-day estimates are therefore speculative; they also vary widely.

The 1931 census reported a total of 10.7 million people self-describing as Rajput. Of this population, about 8.6 million people also self-described as being Hindu, about 2.1 million as being Muslim and about 50,000 as being Sikh by religion.

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