Quote of the month – Jews Find Refuge in Khilafah

Jews Find Refuge in Khilafah

“Here in the land of the Turks we have nothing to complain of. We possess great fortunes; much gold and silver are in our hands. We are not oppressed by heavy taxes and our commerce is free and unhindered. Rich are the fruits of the earth. Everything is cheap and each one of us lives in freedom. Here a Jew is not compelled to wear a yellow star as a badge of shame as is the case in Germany where even wealth and great fortune is a curse for a Jew because he therewith arouses jealousy among the Christians and they devise all kinds of slander against him to rob him of his gold. Arise my brethren, gird up your loins, collect up your forces and come to us.”- Rabbi in Turkey writing to his brethren in Europe where they were facing increasing persecution after 1453

‘Constantinople’, Philip Mansel

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