White saviours must stop speaking over Arab women

One of the first viral videos to come out of the Middle East and North Africa region this year was from Saudi Arabia. It was a song sung in a local Saudi dialect that expressed female frustration at the patriarchal system rooted in Saudi and called for the end to male guardianship. The controversial lyrics, which called for the “extinction of men”, automatically drew a significant amount of attention and within a week of it being uploaded took the internet by storm. As with all women’s rights social media campaigns that come out of the region, the video was met with an array of reactions. The video elicited anger at the controversial lyrics. Many accused the Western media of targeting the Kingdom. Many others, especially women, were excited about the song and, as always, Western commentators were quick to jump on the analytical bandwagon, discussing the socio-political and religious implications of this song.

How come I was never informed of this? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1rUn2j1hLOo 

A great song satirizing the strife of women in Saudi Arabia

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Translation: “What is the secret behind the song Hwages becoming viral in the East and West?What is the reason? The status of women in Saudi? The portrayal? Are we being targeted?”