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I agree with the majority of you. We Muslims do not belong here in this God forsaken country. But before we go back, could you force the Australian government to stop bombing our countries. Stop supporting politically and economically the dictators and royal families we seek to overthrow. Stop supporting Israel politically, economically and militarily with its barbaric occupation of Palestine. Until then, we will grow stronger in this country, become more organised, have more influence and, God willing, change it for the better. Oh, by the way, I do not agree with the mufti’s comments, that women are to blame for being raped for the way they are dressed, even if they are prostitutes. But cmon, lets be real here, most Aussie blokes (and some lesbians as well) do see women as pieces of meat on certain nights of the week, to fulfill their desires. If you don’t think so, take a video camera out on a Saturday night to a nightclub or trendy bar and the next day when your sober, watch and listen.

Posted by: KD of Adelaide 11:37am today – Source

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