Terrorists and their fans

If I recall correctly a man in Melbourne, Australia some years stated on TV that “Osama Bin Laden is a great man“.

The comments caused outrage with the Howard Regime moving to make praising “terrorists” illegal.

Now a person in America has publicly praised Andreas Breivik, the sometimes “mad man”, sometimes “mass murderer” but really not a “terrorst” .

Here is a fan http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dG0MKzkaYN0

This killer has fans and people openly support his actions and there is no outrage. At some point one these followers will pick up a gun and kill some people and the authorities will wonder “why didn’t we see this coming?”.

This is another double standard that puts the west at a disadvantage. Each time a law, policy or even outrage is not uniformly applied then the result is another notch that weakens the so called western civilisation.

This is because its the west that promises the rest of the world that the things that set it apart are its attitudes to freedom, equality, human rights and justice. This kind of support would be expected from a Taliban or a Al Qaeda operative right? Probably, but Talibs and Al Qaeda havent been educating the rest of the world for the last eighty years using TV, magazines and film on how tolerant they are and how a persons religion, sexual orietation and educational level is of no importance.

Breivik believes that today “he will be written off as a terrorist but in 100 years he will be regarded as a hero”.

Who needs to wait a hundred years when your issue is with Muslims?

He is right, he will be regarded a hero but not in Norway because it will be 100% Muslim with Minarets and Halal eateries everywhere.

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