China 04 Aug.09


  • After Riots, China to Promote Anti-Separatist Laws 7/20/2009
  • Countering Riots, China Snatches Hundreds From Their Homes 7/19/2009
  • China Says Police Shot Dead 12 Uighurs This Month 7/18/2009
  • Silence After China Blogger Amoiist Tweets Arrest SOS 7/18/2009
  • Report: Group Tied to al-Qaeda Threatens China 7/18/2009
  • Chinese Police Shot Dead Urumqi ‘Mobsters’: State Media 7/18/2009
  • Xinjiang Riots Pre-Planned at 50 Places: State Media 7/18/2009
  • China Says Police Killed 12 in Urumqi Rioting 7/18/2009
  • Al-Qaeda Offshoot Warns It Will ‘Take Revenge’ for China Riots 7/18/2009
  • After Deadly Clashes, Many Chinese Ask, Where Were Police? 7/17/2009
  • China Shuts Down Legal Center, Revokes Licenses 7/17/2009
  • China Urges Russian Calm on Bazaar Crackdown 7/17/2009
  • Mosques Reopen in China’s Xinjiang Under Heavy Security 7/17/2009
  • Mosques in Urumqi Open for Friday Prayers 7/17/2009
  • US Lawmaker Threatens Funds in China Guantanamo Row 7/16/2009
  • China’s Population of Web Users Hits 338 Million 7/16/2009
  • China to Issue Arrest Warrants for Xinjiang Riots 7/16/2009
  • China Boycotts Opening of World Games in Taiwan 7/16/2009
  • Spy Gave Shuttle Secrets to China  7/16/2009
  • Death Toll in China Riots Rises to 192 7/15/2009

    Government PR Campaign Targets Chinese Muslims 7/15/2009

    Sri Lanka Cancels $200 Million China, Pakistan Weapons Purchase 7/15/2009

    Al-Qaeda Vows Revenge on China After Riots 7/14/2009

    Chinese Intellectuals Call for Release of Uighur Economist 7/14/2009

    China Warns of Reprisals in Algeria After Unrest 7/14/2009

    Is China Spying on Uighurs Abroad? 7/14/2009

    Muslim Reaction to China Unrest Mostly Muted 7/13/2009

    China Eases Security as Urumqi Gradually Reopens 7/13/2009

    Iranian Clerics Lash Out at China Over Unrest 7/12/2009

    China City Tense but Calm 1 Week After Riots 7/12/2009

    China Raises Injured Toll From Riots to 1,680 7/12/2009

    China’s Ethnic Groups Struggle Forward After Riots 7/12/2009

    Fuse of Fear, Lit in China, Has Victims on 2 Sides 7/12/2009

    China Rattles Investors With Detentions of Executives on Spy Charges 7/12/2009

    China Bans Public Mourning in Urumqi 7/12/2009

    China’s Ethnic Mix Poses Challenge for Its Leaders in Beijing 7/11/2009

    China Raises Death Toll From Ethnic Riots to 184 7/11/2009

    Crackdown or Conciliation: China’s Politburo Split Over Response to Uighur Violence 7/11/2009

    China: Bereaved Urumqi Families to Receive Compensation 7/11/2009

    Woman China Blames for Violence Wants Dialogue 7/11/2009

    China Blast: Terrorism Ruled Out Says Official 7/11/2009

    Uighurs Dispute China’s Breakdown of Riot Dead 7/11/2009

    Urumqi Remains Calm as Chinese Troops, Police Keep Groups Apart 7/11/2009

    Thousands Flee China’s Restive Urumqi 7/10/2009

    China Spy Case Linked to Mining Price Dispute 7/10/2009

    Turkish PM Compares Violence in China to Genocide 7/10/2009

    Chinese Police Break Up Uighur Protest at Mosque 7/10/2009

    Muslim Women Lead Protests in Restive West China 7/10/2009

    Death Toll Debated in China’s Rioting 7/10/2009

    Riot-Hit Western China Allows Friday Prayers 7/10/2009

    Communist Leaders Vow Stability After China Riots 7/9/2009

    Uighurs Claim 400 Killed in Unrest in Western China 7/9/2009

    As Unrest Spreads, Chinese President Skips Summit 7/8/2009
    Mobs Spread Ethnic Strife in Western China 7/7/2009
    Why China’s Xinjiang Spiraled Out of Control  7/7/2009
    Han Chinese Launch Revenge Attacks on Uighur Property  7/7/2009
    China Locks Down Restive Region After Deadly Clashes Between Uighurs and Han 7/6/2009
    Xinjiang Riots Echo Last Year’s Tibet Unrest 7/6/2009
    Ethnic Clashes in Western China Are Said to Kill Scores – 7/6/2009
    In Latest Upheaval, China Applies New Strategies to Control Flow of Information 7/6/2009
    China Points to Uighur Leader in Exile as Evil Mastermind of Protests 7/6/2009
    China Arrests 1,434 After Deadly Xinjiang Riots 7/6/2009

    Uighur exiles deny China riot claim  – Al Jazeera – 07 Jul.09
    Video: China clamps down on Uighurs | Q&A: China’s restive Uighurs | Xinjiang: China’s ‘other Tibet’ | Facts: Xinjiang and the Uighurs | ‘Terror cells’ found in west China | Silk Road city ‘under threat’
    140 Killed, 800 Injured in Ethnic Unrest in China /6/2009
    Ethnic Clashes in Western China Are Said to Kill Scores – /6/2009
    Muslim Minority Riots Erupt in China’s West 7/5/2009
    Riots in Western China Amid Ethnic Tension Between Uighurs and Han /5/2009

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