Why weren’t Aboriginal people included as Australian citizens?

Aboriginals in Chains

Here is an exchange in parliament that shows what many people thought at the time:

Senator Matheson: We all admit that the black people have to live. What we say is that the black people should live in their own country.

Senator Walker: This was a blackfellows country before it was a white man’s country.

Senator Matheson: The honourable gentleman said that to me privately yesterday, and he seemed to think that that settled the question. He fails to recognise that we have taken this country from the blacks, and made it a white man’s country, so that there is no earthly use in the honourable gentleman saying that 100 years ago this was a black man’s country.

Senator Walker: There are still 100,000 aborigines in Australia.

Senator Matheson: We are aware of that fact, and it is very regrettable, and the only consolation we have is that they are gradually dying out.

Commonwealth Parliamentary Debates, May 22, 1901, vol. 1, p152

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5 Responses to Why weren’t Aboriginal people included as Australian citizens?

  1. deeptaggar says:

    you guys r just trying to kill all aboreginies that is not good bcs they r peacfull and no war signs on their face and they respect to everyone but cause of english pepole they dont like blacks they want kill all the blacks especially in australia that is really bad remember one thing when they start fight whites will be finish in days

  2. Kam says:

    I think that this senator is a racist pig….it goes to show that not only in the US they try to belittle us and wipe us out…..guess no matter where u r in the world that black is inferior and white is superior attitude exists. but i thank God that the tables are turning and karma will be a bitch….ur race is beginning to fall so Babble on Babylon.

  3. Vivian D. Virgen says:

    I am of the white race and an American but under NO circumstances would I ever treat these gentle people in such an inhumane maner. It was their land first so if the whites in their country can’t live in harmony with them than maybe they should be the ones to leave Australia! Just because one doesn’t understand another’s culture doesn’t give them the right to abuse them. I have read how there was about 8000 children stolen from their parents and abused both physically, mentally & sexually. It would not make the whites feel so grand if the tables were turned and they were the ones who suffered through all this torment & torture. My heart goes out to these people! And NOBODY is superior to anyone else!!! We are all SUPPOSED to be humans but I do wonder about some of the whites in Australia? I’m not sure as to what they are because you can’t classify them with animals because the animals don’t even do their species this way! I believe that these Aboriginies should be left to walk this earth in any manner that they so should choose. It’s also a crying shame theat the “Stolen Generations” know nothing of their roots or relatives because of their removal from their tribesmen. The whites in their country have stripped them naked of their past and their history. I would be proud to stand beside them and call them friends!

  4. Vivian D. Virgen says:

    Sorry for the mis-spelling of some words but my keys are sticking!

  5. joanna says:

    to Vivian.. thank you and great comments and great to hear support from other countries… there were significantly more ‘stolen’ in a variety of ways – we mustn’t speak as if this is past tense.. The Australian government is yet again trying to re-create the situation of the past where they have seized Aboriginal communities that were operating quite functionally and taken control of them. please please … go to the http://www.ourgeneration.com. website and have a look at what is happening. The Australian situation is quite unique when it comes to ‘white privilege’ our Australian Aboriginal people are the first people of this nation yet not recognised in the constitution infact Aust has no bill of rights and is still a colony of Britain. unlike the U.S. where independence was had many years ago. Australia is still a ‘child’ or ‘teenager’ really.. still holding onto mumma’s apron strings.. an illusory relationship with a country that has moved so far beyond it’s ‘colony’ that even the English wonder what the heck is going on here. The Australian government literally suspended a few pieces of critical legislation in order to seize Aboriginal communities in the northern territory (the intervention!!) can you imagine your president having that much power that he could just decide… we won’t bother with that piece of law right now coz it’s getting in the way of the mining companies getting to the uranium.. so we will just ignore it for a minute.. go in.. get rid of the Aboriginal people and tear up the land.. sell it for billions and billions of dollars of profit and still stand by and watch children go blind of Trachoma – a disease that has been eradicated in every other ‘developed’ country except Australia.. what a shame job. Be angry.. be very angry with what Australia is doing. The United Nations have reprimanded Australia so many times but because we don’t have a constitution that protects us – then we don’t have any rights. go to the youmeunity website and find out more.. it is appalling what you know is only a tiny bit… you will be horrified when you find out the truth about just how racist this country really is.. and I am a ‘whitefella’ so i am not a ‘disgruntled’ Aboriginal person telling you this.

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