Mumbai Chaos

It’s not hard to understand why these soughts of things happen in India if one considers India’s history on inter-religious relations.  When Christians get slaughtered by Hindus nothing really happens to the perpetrators.

See: 100 die in anti-Christian attacks in India

“About 10,000 Christians – mostly Dalits and a few tribals – languish in state-run relief camps and are afraid to return home due to continuing threats by Hindu extremists,” the statement said. “

Chargrilled bodies of Muslims killed in Gujrat India.

and when Muslims are killed we find out through video confessions that the Police and the State Government were all involved. Imagine the Indians confessing on national television of how they hacked up Muslims and cut unborn babies from the stomachs of their mothers not being arrested or even spoken to by police. Thats right, the government minister told police to allow the killings to happen and he was re-elected with an increased majority. More than 3000 Muslims were systematically targeted and massacred. The killers still walk free. Don’t believe me? Well here is the complete investigation….

Video -Gujrat: Getting away with Murder

Gujrat 2002 – In the words of the men who did it.

and  Hindus confess to Gujarat Muslim massacre – IOL

 then Today:

Mumbai gunman goes on TV to justify terror attacks – SMH – 27 Nov.08

“Muslims in India should not be persecuted. We love this as our country but when our mothers and sisters were being killed, where was everybody?”

Any wonder??? The world’s biggest democracy????

Enjoy your cricket

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