CIA, Iran and the Election Riots – June 14, 2009 – Updated 04.Aug 09

A troubled week in Iran – 38 Pictures |Iran’s continued election turmoil – 27 Pictures | Iran’s Disputed Election – 38 Photos | Iran’s Presidential Election – 35 Photos

Iranian Elections: The ‘Stolen Elections’ Hoax

What Actually Happened in the Iranian Presidential Election? A Hard Look at the Numbers

The Western media and Iran

Western Stooge Pahlavi Positioning Himself To Take Power In Iran  


How Western media backs green revolution in Iran



What Actually Happened in the Iranian Presidential Election? – A Hard Look at the Numbers

FLASHBACK – Shah of Iran’s Heir Plans Overthrow of Regime

Don’t blink, history is in the making again in Iran

The Line Drawn In The Sands of Iran – Freemasonry vs. Islam

Robert Fisk: Battle for the Islamic Republic


  • Iranian Revolutionary Targeted by Onetime Associates
  • Iraqi Cop: US Hikers Held in Iran Are CIA Agents
  • Iran President Confirmed but Sealed Without a Kiss 8/3/2009
  • Detained in Iran: Hiked in Wrong Place, Wrong Time 8/3/2009
  • Wife: Iran Reform Politician’s Confession Forced 8/3/2009
  • Iran Trials Condemned as Court Threatens to Jail Critics 8/2/2009
  • Iran Puts Opponents on Trial, but Critics Are Vocal 8/2/2009
  • Rival Sides Criticize Iran’s Opposition Trial 8/2/2009
  • Mousavi Says Trial Confessions ‘Forced by Torture’ 8/2/2009
  • 35 Iranian Dissidents Sent to Baghdad for Questioning 8/2/2009
  • US Weighs Cutting Off Iran’s Gasoline Imports if Nuclear Talks Are Rejected 8/2/2009
  • Conservative Seeks Trials for Iran Bloodshed 8/2/2009
  • Iran Court Warns Against Criticizing Proceedings 8/2/2009
  • Key Reformist Figures on Trial in Iran 8/2/2009
  • Swiss Diplomats Ask Iran About 3 Missing Americans 8/2/2009
  • Khatami Condemns ‘Show Trial’ of Iranian Reformists 8/2/2009
  • Iran Hardliners Accuse Opposition of ‘Treason’ 8/2/2009
  • Iran Reformers Slate Trial ‘Sham’ 8/1/2009
  • Mousavi: Foreign Powers Not Behind Iran Protests 8/1/2009
  • Mass Trial for Protesters Begins in Iran 8/1/2009
  • Iranian Dissidents in Iraq Underscore US Leverage 8/1/2009
  • Iran State TV Confirms Arrest of 3 Americans 8/1/2009
  • Too Few Medals of Honor for Iraq, Afghan Valor? 8/1/2009
  • Kurd Officials: Iran Confirms It Has 3 Americans 8/1/2009
  • Iran Reformists Back Down in Court as 100 Face Riot Trial 8/1/2009
  • Swiss Help Sought for Missing Americans in Iran 8/1/2009
  • Ahead of Summit, Fatah Looks to Iran, Shuns Talks in Draft Platform 8/1/2009
  • US Tourists Held by Iran Were Warned 8/1/2009
  • Camp Ashraf: 22 Exiled Dissidents in Iraq ‘Asking to Return to Iran’ 8/1/2009
  • Did British Bomb Attacks in Iran Provoke Hostage Crisis? 7/31/2009
  • American Tourists Arrested After ‘Straying’ Into Iran 7/31/2009
  • About 30 Iran ‘Rioters’ to Face Trial on Saturday 7/31/2009
  • Iran President: No Rift With Supreme Leader 7/31/2009
  • Iran, US Do a ‘War on Terror’ Somersault 7/31/2009
  • Iran Blames Foreign Countries for Protester Deaths 7/31/2009
  • Thursday: 17 Iraqis Killed, 63 Wounded 7/30/2009
  • US Briefs Israel on New Iran Sanctions 7/30/2009
  • Clerics Blast Iran’s Leaders Over Prison Abuses 7/30/2009
  • US Providing Care at Iranian Camp in Iraq 7/30/2009
  • Ex-Israeli Foreign Minister Calls for Harsh Sanctions Against Iran 7/30/2009
  • Many Dead as Iraqi Forces Storm Iranian Exiles Camp 7/30/2009
  • Iran ‘Arrests Prominent Film Director’ at Cemetery 7/30/2009
  • Iraq Says 11 Dead in Iran Camp as Amnesty Seeks Probe 7/30/2009
  • Clerics, MPs Blast Iran’s Leaders Over Prison Abuses 7/30/2009
  • US Providing Care at Iranian Camp in Iraq 7/30/2009
  • Iranian Reformist Shifted From Jail to House Arrest, MP Says 7/30/2009
  • Police Beat Mourners in New Wave of Unrest in Iran 7/30/2009
  • Iranian Police Bar Mousavi From Graveside Memorial 7/30/2009
  • Iranian Police Use Force Against Graveside Rally 7/30/2009
  • Iraq Acknowledges Deaths at Iran Exile Camp 7/30/2009
  • US Blasts ‘Disturbing’ Iran Crackdown on Graveside Rally 7/30/2009
  • Iran Activists Dread Midnight Knock of Police Raid 7/30/2009
  • At Tehran’s Bidding? Iraq Cracks Down on a Controversial Camp 7/29/2009
  • Iran Says Reformist to Be Released 7/29/2009
  • Iran Welcomes Iraqi Raid on Exile Camp 7/29/2009
  • Iran’s First Trials of Protesters to Begin 7/29/2009
  • Eight Killed in Clashes at Iranian Exile Camp in Iraq, Over 500 Injured 7/29/2009
  • Wednesday: 8 Iraqis, 8 Iranians Killed; 119 Iraqis, 425 Iranians Wounded 7/29/2009
  • Iraq Says Raid on Militant Group’s Camp Wasn’t Iran’s Idea 7/29/2009
  • Iran to Begin First Trials of Protesters 7/29/2009
  • Iraq Police Clash Anew With Iran Rebel Camp Residents 7/29/2009
  • Iranian Exiles in Iraq Report More Clashes 7/29/2009
  • Iran to Try 20 Vote ‘Rioters’ as Opposition Vows Defiance 7/29/2009
  • President Ahmadinejad Alienating Allies in Iran 7/29/2009
  • Iran Opposition to Visit Slain Protesters’ Graves 7/29/2009
  • Obama Team Sends Message to Tehran on Nuclear Program 7/29/2009
  • Clinton to Israel: Iran Will Never Have Nukes 7/28/2009
  • 140 Prisoners From Iran Election Crackdown Freed 7/28/2009
  • Iran Turns Inward, Silent on US Outreach 7/28/2009
  • Why Iran’s Conservatives Are Airing Their Dirty Laundry 7/28/2009
  • Nonmilitary Actions Can Deter Iran, Gates Says; Barak Doubtful 7/28/2009
  • Iran Supreme Leader Closes Prison Over Abuses 7/28/2009
  • Iraqi Forces Raid Camp of Iranian Exiles 7/28/2009
  • Appeals Court Keeps Alive Suit Against Iran 7/28/2009
  • US General: Iran Working to Influence Iraq Vote 7/28/2009
  • US Envoys in Israel to Discuss Iran’s Nuclear Ambitions 7/28/2009
  • Reports of Prison Abuse and Deaths Anger Iranians 7/28/2009
  • Iranian Leaders Urge Protections for Detained Protesters 7/28/2009
  • Iran Supreme Leader Closes Prison Over Abuses 7/28/2009
  • Iranian Opposition Leader Calls on Supporters to Take to the Streets 7/27/2009
  • Barak: No Option Is Off the Table on Iran 7/27/2009
  • Israel’s Barak: ‘No Option’ Off Table on Iran 7/27/2009
  • Gates Says US Overture to Iran Is ‘Not Open-Ended’ 7/27/2009
  • Ahmadinejad Faces Hardline Revolt in Iran 7/27/2009
  • Israel on Iran: Anything It Takes to Stop Nukes 7/27/2009
  • Court Finds Iran Minister Guilty of Fraud 7/27/2009
  • Israeli Envoy Blames Iran for Stalled Peace Process 7/27/2009
  • Firing and Resignation Indicate Tension Between President and Supreme Leader 7/27/2009
  • Clinton Warns Iranians on Making Nuclear Fuel 7/26/2009
  • Iran’s Rafsanjani Defies Clergy Criticism, Stands by Demands 7/26/2009
  • Another Iran Protester Dies in Jail: Report 7/26/2009
  • Clinton Says Israel Should Be Patient on Iran 7/26/2009
  • Report: Iran’s Ahmadinejad Dismisses Two Ministers 7/26/2009
  • Revolutionary Guard Tightens Hold in Iran Crisis 7/26/2009
  • Ahmadinejad ‘Sacks Four Iran Ministers’ 7/26/2009
  • Iran’s Opposition Asks to Mourn Iconic Victim 7/26/2009
  • Ahmadinejad Backs Off Cabinet Reshuffle in Face of Parliamentary Vote 7/26/2009
  • Worldwide Day of Protest Against Tehran Regime 7/25/2009
  • Syria: We Can Help Solve Iran Nuclear Dispute 7/25/2009
  • Iran’s Ahmadinejad Suffers Blow as VP Sacked 7/25/2009
  • Iran Accused of ‘Zionist’ Tactics 7/25/2009
  • Iran Protester ‘Killed’ in Detention: Reports 7/25/2009
  • Iran’s Opposition Asks for Help From Top Clerics 7/25/2009
  • Iran Will Strike Israel Nuclear Sites if Attacked 7/25/2009
  • Allies Censure Ahmadinejad Over Delay in Deputy’s Ouster 7/25/2009
  • Iran Police Disperse Protests in Tehran 7/25/2009
  • Protesters Call for End to Iranian Rights Abuses 7/25/2009
  • Gates, in Visit to Israel, Will Find Iran Looming 7/25/2009
  • Iranian Moderate: Our Security Agents Are ‘Worse Than Zionists’ 7/25/2009
  • International Rallies to Support Iranians 7/24/2009
  • Iran Cleric Warns Over Moves to Harm Khamenei 7/24/2009
  • Mousavi’s Wife Blasts Iran Regime’s Accusations 7/24/2009
  • Iran President Caves In, Dismisses His Top Deputy 7/24/2009
  • Iran Activists Work to Elude Crackdown on Internet 7/24/2009
  • Opposition Leader Mir Hossein Mousavi’s Wife Champions Iran Protesters 7/24/2009
  • Clinton Doubts Iran Can Respond to US Olive Branch 7/23/2009
  • Iran’s Next Supreme Leader? 7/23/2009
  • Iran’s Guards Keep on Marching 7/23/2009
  • Iran Opposition Leader’s Brother-In-Law Arrested 7/23/2009
  • Israeli FM Says Iran Nuke Program Could Set Off Arms Race 7/23/2009
  • Israel Concerned Over US ‘Umbrella’ on Iran 7/23/2009
  • Iran President Defies Supreme Leader Over Deputy 7/22/2009
  • Iraq Police: 5 Iranian Pilgrims Killed in Drive-By Shooting 7/22/2009
  • Clinton: US Will Take ‘Crippling Action’ if Iran Becomes Nuclear 7/22/2009
  • Reports: Iran Reactor to Be Switched on This Year 7/22/2009
  • Mousavi Says Ahmadinejad May Add to Iran Woes 7/22/2009
  • Clinton Stirs Israeli Fears US Will Accept Nuclear Iran 7/22/2009
  • Iranian Exiles Rally at UN for Release of Prisoners 7/22/2009
  • Moussavi: Protests Continue Until Release of Jailed Protesters 7/22/2009
  • Ahmadinejad Clashes With Supreme Leader Over Iran VP 7/22/2009
  • Iran Opposition Figure Plans a New Political Group 7/22/2009
  • Clinton Outlines How US Might Deal With Nuclear Iran 7/22/2009

  • Revolutionary Guards Crush Dissent and Widen Control in Iran 7/21/2009
  • Iranian Protesters Clash With Security Forces 7/21/2009
  • Iran Police Chief Says Opposition Incites Sedition 7/21/2009
  • Mousavi Says Iran ‘Awakened’ by Election  7/20/2009
  • Hard-Line Force Extends Grip Over a Splintered Iran 7/20/2009
  • In South America, Israeli FM Seeks to Block Iran 7/20/2009
  • Iran’s Top Leader Reportedly Warns Politicians 7/20/2009
  • Iran Election Dispute Escalates to New Phase 7/20/2009
  • Hardliners Angry at Ahmadinejad’s Choice of Deputy 7/19/2009
  • Kurdish Rebels Kill Four Iran Policemen: Report  7/19/2009
  • Iran to Free Local Staffer of British Embassy: Lawyer  7/19/2009
  • Ex-President in Iran Seeks Referendum 7/19/2009
  • Gates Visit to Israel Expected to Focus on Iran 7/19/2009
  • Iran’s Ahmadinejad Criticized Over VP Choice 7/19/2009
  • Palestinian Negotiator Met Iranian FM: Top Official 7/19/2009
  • Iran’s Ahmadinejad Criticized Over Vp Choice 7/19/2009
  • Rafsanjani Is Seeking the Mantle of Khomeini  7/18/2009
  • Iran Daily Slams Rafsanjani Querying Poll Result 7/18/2009
  • Iran: ‘Trust’ Needed to End Nuclear Row 7/18/2009
  • Iran Hardliners Hit Back at Rafsanjani in Election Row  7/18/2009
  • Ahmadinejad Gets on Wrong Side of Allies With VP Pick 7/18/2009
  • West Must Close Iran Nuclear File: New Atomic Chief  7/18/2009
  • Hard-Liners Accuse Top Iranian Cleric of Defiance 7/18/2009
  • Iran Names MIT Graduate as New Nuclear Chief  7/17/2009
  • Police Tear-Gas Iran Protesters During Prayer  7/17/2009
  • Powerful Iranian Cleric Says Country in Crisis  7/17/2009
  • Rafsanjani Calls on Iran to Release Protesters 7 /17/2009
  • Iran’s Karroubi Attacked on Way to Prayers: Website 7/17/2009
  • Rafsanjani: Iran Insider and Ahmadinejad Nemesis  7/17/2009
  • Iran: Israel Plotted to Assassinate Ahmadinejad  7/17/2009
  • Top Iran Cleric Criticizes Hard-Liners in Sermon  7/17/2009
  • Diplomats: Iran Has Means to Test Bomb in 6 Months  7/17/2009
  • Glimpses Into Renewed Iran Protests  7/17/2009
  • American’s Family Fears Iranian Show Trial  7/17/2009
  • Iran’s Opposition Speaks  7/16/2009
  • Something Profound Has Changed. Iranians Are Losing Their Fear and Mock the Official Line 7/16/2009
  • Media Monitor: 7 Photographers Detained in Iran 7/16/2009
  • Israel: Iran, Syria Still Send Arms to Hezbollah  7/16/2009
  • West Offering to Endorse Israeli Attack on Iran is Part of Settlement Deal  7/16/2009
  • Iran Nuclear Arms Worst Threat to Security: Gates  7/16/2009
  • Iranian President Casts Doubt on US Engagement 7/16/2009
  • Iraq: A Shi’ite Schism on Clerical Rule 7/16/2009
  • Clinton Warns Iran on Engagement  7/15/2009
  • Clinton: US Won’t Hesitate to Use Military Against Iran  7/15/2009
  • Clinton: US Won’t Hesitate to Use Military Against Iran  7/15/2009
  • German Intel Denies Iran Nuclear Report  7/15/2009
  • Supreme Leader Khamenei Diminished in Iranians’ Eyes  7/15/2009
  • Mousavi: Protesters’ Blood Will Not Go in Vain  7/15/2009
  • Clinton: Offer to Talk With Tehran Not Open-Ended  7/15/2009
  • Gadhafi Says Iran Nuclear Program to Be Supported  7/15/2009
  • Israeli Navy in Suez Canal Prepares for Potential Attack on Iran  7/15/2009
  • Source: Russia Won’t Agree to Tougher Iran Sanctions 7/14/2009
  • In Month’s Turmoil, Iran Death Toll Still Unknown 7/14/2009
  • Aide: Iran Reform Leader to Set Up Political Front> 7/14/2009
  • Iran Opposition Leader, Wife Visit Slain Man’s Family 7/14/2009
  • Iran’s Invisible Nicaraguan Embassy 7/13/2009
  • Iran to Publicly Hang 14 Jundallah Rebels 7/13/2009
  • Defeated Conservative Warns of Iran Disintegration 7/13/2009
  • Israel Never Dallied on Iran Nukes, Says Netanyahu 7/12/2009
  • Conservative Candidate Declares Iran May Face ‘Disintegration’ 7/12/2009
  • Rights Group Concerned About Fate of Iran Missing 7/12/2009
  • 5 Iranian Officials Released by US Return to Iran 7/12/2009
  • Iran Threatens Legal Action Over Kidnapped Diplomats 7/12/2009
  • Iranian Clerics Lash Out at China Over Unrest 7/12/2009
  • Iran Insists on Setting Agenda for Talks With World Powers 7/11/2009
  • Advisor to Iranian Supreme Leader Calls for Tolerance of Dissent 7/11/2009
  • Iran Hardliners Protest German Killing of Egyptian 7/11/2009
  • Iranian-Americans Rally in Front of White House 7/11/2009
  • Iran Preparing Proposals Package for Talks With West 7/11/2009
  • Iranian Opposition Cleric Says Violence, Detainments Cannot Solve Crisis 7/11/2009
  • Iran Readies Package for Nuclear Talks With West 7/11/2009
  • 12 ‘Soldiers of God’ Rebels to Be Hanged in Southeastern Iran 7/11/2009
  • Iranian-American Academic Detained in Tehran 7/10/2009
  • Sept. May Bring Push for Iran Sanctions 7/10/2009
  • Iraq Denies US Policy Shift Brought Iranians’ Release 7/10/2009
  • Can Iran’s Protesters Keep Momentum? 7/10/2009
  • Tehran Police Chief: Few Arrests in Protest 7/10/2009
  • Obama: US Won’t Wait for Iran to Build Nuke 7/10/2009
  • Iranian Police Fire in Air to Disperse Protesters 7/10/2009
  • Powers Won’t Wait for Iran to Build Nuclear Weapon: Obama 7/10/2009
  • Obama Suggests Sanctions for Iran 7/10/2009
  • Four Weeks On, Iran Vote Protests Diminished but Not Over 7/10/2009
  • Iran Protesters Take to Streets Despite Threats 7/10/2009
  • Obama Uses G8 Debut to Issue Warning to Iran 7/10/2009
  • Gingrich Urges US to Sabotage Iran’s Oil Industry 7/10/2009
  • Freed Journalist Describes Iran Jail, Questioning 7/10/2009
  • Obama: World Won’t Wait for Iran to Build Nuclear Weapon 7/10/2009
  • Iran Cleric Calls for Revision of Electoral Law 7/10/2009
  • Release of Diplomats Not a Gesture Towards Iran 7/9/2009
  • Israeli Strike on Iran Would Be ‘Catastrophe’: Sarkozy 7/9/2009
  • Hundreds Protest in Iran, Defying Crackdown Vow 7/9/2009
  • Hundreds Protest in Iran, Defying Crackdown Vow 7/9/2009
  • US Releases 5 Iranian Officials in Iraq 7/9/2009
  • US Military Didn’t Want to Release Iranians Held in Iraq 7/9/2009
  • US Releases 5 Iranian Officials held since 2007 in Iraq 7/9/2009
  • US Military Didn’t Want to Release Iranians Held in Iraq 7/9/2009
  • US Worried That Freed Iranians Could Pose Threat 7/9/2009
  • Iran Warns of ‘Crushing Response’ to Protests 7/9/2009
  • Sarkozy: G8 Giving Iran Talks Until September 7/8/2009
  • Foreigners Sparked Unrest in Iran, Says President 7/8/2009
  • Obama Backs Away From Biden’s Iran Comments 7/8/2009
  • Iran Releases Prisoners, but Still Holds 500 7/8/2009
  • Rights Group: Beatings Force Confessions in Iran 7/8/2009
  • Is Israel Already at War With Iran? 7/8/2009
  • US Distancing Itself From Israel on Iran Issue 7/8/2009
  • Clerical Discontent Challenges Iran Leader 7/8/2009
  • Iran Police Chief: 100 Detainees to Be Released 7/8/2009
  • Clinton Calls for ‘Even Stricter’ Iran Sanctions 7/8/2009
  • Iran President Declares New Era for Country 7/7/2009
  • Mousavi Promises to Continue Protests 7/7/2009
  • French Student Is a Spy, Iran Says 7/7/2009
  • As Iran Calms, a Struggle for Political Power Intensifies 7/7/2009
  • Berlusconi: G-8 Divided on Iran 7/7/2009
  • Mousavi Appears, but Tehran Asserts Control 7/7/2009
  • Mullen: Strike on Iran an Option, but a Bad One 7/7/2009
  • Mullen: Strike on Iran an Option, but a Bad One 7/7/2009
  • Iran President Declares New Era for Country 7/7/2009
  • Wary of Naked Force, Israel Eyes Cyberwar on Iran 7/7/2009
  • Iran’s Top Leader Warns West Over Meddling 7/6/2009
  • French Anger as Iran Holds Woman 7/6/2009
  • Iran Promises to Do Something if Israel Attacks 7/6/2009
  • Majority of Vote Protesters Freed: Iran Police Chief 7/5/2009
  • Attack on Iran Would Be ‘Very Destabilizing’: US Military Chief 7/5/2009
  • Mousavi Renews Accusations of Fraud in Iran Vote 7/5/2009
  • Iran Frees Washington Times Journalist 7/5/2009
  • Shift by Influential Clerics Bolsters Iran Opposition 7/5/2009
  • Iran Releases Greek Reporter 7/5/2009
  • Iran to Free Eighth British Embassy Worker: Miliband 7/5/2009
  • Reformists Resist Iranian Government Pressure 7/5/2009
  • Iran Backing Down Over Arrests as Reporter Freed 7/5/2009
  • British Embassy Employee in Iran Charged 7/4/2009
  • Newsweek Reporter Faces Iran Trial 7/4/2009
  • Hardline Iran Editor Calls for Mousavi to Face Trial 7/4/2009
  • Iraqi Parliament Accuses Iran of Preventing Iraq From Accessing Joint Oil Wells 7/4/2009
  • Iran Nuclear Sanctions ‘Counter-Productive,’ Says Medvedev 7/4/2009
  • Many Iranians Unconvinced About Poll Result – Cleric 7/4/2009
  • Israel Trade Minister: US Inaction in Face of North Korea, Iran, Is Troubling 7/4/2009
  • Lawyers of Some Iranian Detainees Have Yet to See Their Clients 7/4/2009
  • Clerical Group Defies Leader on Disputed Iran Election 7/4/2009
  • Iran Lawyer: Reformers Held on Security Charge 7/4/2009
  • Report: Ahmadinejad Says He Wants Public Talks With Obama 7/4/2009
  • Iranian Hardliner Calls Opposition Leader US Agent 7/4/2009
  • Conspiracy Theories in Iran Flourish 7/4/2009
  • Miliband Seeks Talks With Iran Over ‘Show Trial’ 7/4/2009
  • Rafsanjani: No Power Struggle in Iran 7/4/2009
  • British Embassy Analyst Faces Prison Sentence in Iran 7/4/2009
  • Iranian Lawyer Seeks to Meet Detained British Embassy Official 7/4/2009
  • Iran Jails Two Kurdish Journalists 7/4/2009
  • Mousavi Details Alleged Election Fraud in Iran 7/4/2009
  • Report: US to Block Iran Sanctions at G8 Summit 7/3/2009
  • Iranian Cleric: British Embassy Staff to Be Tried 7/3/2009
  • Syria Mends US, Arab Ties as Ally Iran in Turmoil 7/3/2009
  • No Sign Iran Seeks Nuclear Arms: New IAEA Head 7/3/2009
  • Beaten Back, Iran’s Opposition Looks to Reform From Within 7/3/2009
  • Britain Asks Allies for Help on Employees Held in Iran 7/2/2009
  • Obama: Iran Cannot Be Permitted to Be Nuke Power 7/2/2009
  • Iran Reports More Protest Arrests 7/2/2009
  • Iraqi Top Shiite Clerics Are Silent on Iran 7/2/2009
  • Iran Hardliners Urge Legal Action Against Mousavi 7/2/2009
  • US Puts Sanctions on Iraq Shiite Group, Iran Adviser 7/2/2009
  • Iran Book Publisher Recalls Weeklong Ordeal in Prison 7/2/2009
  • EU Urges Iran to Release British Embassy Staff 7/2/2009
  • Merkel Likens Iran to Repressive East Germany 7/2/2009
  • Europe Weighs Withdrawing Ambassadors From Tehran 7/2/2009
  • African Summit Opens in Libya Without Iran Leader 7/1/2009
  • Mousavi Declares Iranian Government ‘Illegitimate’ 7/1/2009
  • Iran Militia Wants Probe of Opposition Leader 7/1/2009
  • Iran Unrest Shifts Power Dynamics 7/1/2009
  • Hussein Pointed to Iranian Threat 7/1/2009
  • Iran Reform Leader Calls Election Illegitimate 7/1/2009
  • Newsweek Reporter in Iran Reportedly ‘Confesses’ 7/1/2009
  • Hopes Fading for Iran Nuke Talks 7/1/2009
  • Iran Shuts Newspaper Challenging Ahmadinejad 7/1/2009
  • Iran Reformists Show Fresh Defiance Against Regime 7/1/2009
  • Khatami: Iran Election ‘Coup’ Against Democracy 7/1/2009
  • Israel Attempts to Stop S-300 Air Defense Supplies to Iran 6/30/2009
  • Crackdown in Iran Puts Mousavi in Tight Spot 6/29/2009
  • Envoy: US Has No Plans for Iraq Talks With Iran 6/29/2009
  • Foreign Broadcasters Walk a Fine Line in Iran 6/29/2009
  • Iran Recount Seen as Bid to Placate Opposition 6/29/2009
  • Iran: No Downgrade of Diplomatic Ties With Britain 6/29/2009
  • Ahmadinejad Calls on Iranian Judiciary to Clarify Neda Case 6/29/2009
  • Iran Upholds Ahmadinejad Victory After Partial Recount 6/29/2009
  • Release Embassy Staff, Brown Tells Iran 6/29/2009
  • Hundreds ‘Still Missing’ in Iran: Rights Group 6/28/2009
  • Persian Station in Britain Rattles Officials in Iran 6/28/2009
  • Rezai’s Total Fell During Iran Vote Count: Aide 6/28/2009
  • Iran’s Press TV Disputes Story of Neda’s Death 6/28/2009
  • UK Calls Embassy Detentions in Iran ‘Unacceptable’ 6/28/2009
  • Which State Security Branch Rules Tehran’s Streets? 6/28/2009
  • Iran Is Not Iraq or Afghanistan, Warns Larijani 6/28/2009
  • Obama Officials Say Talks With Iran Still Possible 6/28/2009
  • Iran’s Karroubi Wants Ayatollah to Rule on Vote 6/28/2009
  • New Clashes in Iran as Standoff Worsens With West 6/28/2009
  • Iran Bans Gathering to Mark 1981 Bombing 6/28/2009
  • Solana: EU Keen to Restart Nuclear Talks With Iran 6/28/2009
  • Iranian Police Clash With Up to 3,000 Protesters 6/28/2009
  • New Protests, Clashes in Tehran as Tensions Grow With West 6/28/2009
  • Larijani: Iran Is Not Iraq or Afghanistan 6/28/2009
  • Journalism Rules Are Bent in News Coverage From Iran 6/28/2009
  • European Union Warns Iran Against Acts of Intimidation 6/28/2009
  • Iran Intelligence Minister Blames US, Israel for Rumors of Vote-Rigging 6/28/2009
  • Iran Detains Some Local Staff at British Embassy 6/28/2009
  • Axelrod: Ahmadinejad Doesn’t Run Foreign Policy 6/28/2009
  • Iran’s Rezai Ready to Serve on Vote Review Panel 6/27/2009
  • Iran’s Expediency Council Stresses Legal Means for Settling Vote Disputes 6/27/2009
  • Iranian Council Offers Moussavi Deal to Settle Dispute 6/27/2009
  • Ahmadinejad Vows to Toughen Stance Toward West 6/27/2009
  • Iranian Says Militiaman Killed Protester in Tehran 6/25/2009
  • Iran Reform Leader Says He Won’t End His Challenge 6/25/2009
  • Swedish PM Cautions Against EU Sanctions for Iran 6/25/2009
  • Iran’s 2-Sided Rule – Turban and Helmet 6/25/2009
  • Fifa Asks Iran to Clarify Reports Players Punished 6/25/2009
  • Ayatollah Makarem Urges Lasting Solution to Iran Unrest 6/25/2009
  • Congress Grows Impatient on Iran, North Korea, Vows Action 6/25/2009
  • Mousavi Aide Banned From Leaving Iran 6/25/2009
  • Two Weeks After: Iran Rallies Fade, Elite Split 6/25/2009
  • Iran Denies Arresting Academics as Stalemate Continues 6/25/2009
  • Eight Iran Militiamen Killed in Unrest: Report 6/25/2009
  • Mousavi Web Site: 70 Professors Detained in Iran 6/25/2009
  • Israeli FM Slams US Over Iran, Settlements 6/25/2009
  • Iranian Women Take Key Role in Protests 6/25/2009
  • Mousavi Attacks ‘Evil Conspiracy’ 6/25/2009
  • Iran Supreme Leader’s Son Seen as Power Broker With Big Ambitions 6/25/2009
  • Top US Commander Warns of Iran Influence in Latin America 6/25/2009
  • Khamenei Vows Iran Will Not Yield ‘At Any Cost’ 6/24/2009
  • US Rescinds July 4 Invites for Iran Diplomats 6/24/2009
  • Iran Nuclear Concerns Weigh Heavy on US 6/24/2009
  • Arab States Aligned With US Savor Turmoil in Iran 6/24/2009
  • Mousavi Wife Compares Iran State to Martial Law 6/24/2009
  • Iran’s Rezaei Withdraws Election Complaints 6/24/2009
  • ‘Blood Everywhere’ – Police, Protesters Clash in Iran 6/24/2009
  • Khamenei Vows No Retreat on Iran Election Result 6/24/2009
  • Women in Iran’s Protests: Head Scarves and Rocks 6/24/2009
  • Obama Fires Toughest Criticism Towards Tehran 6/24/2009
  • Iran Police Use Tear Gas, Clubs to Crush Protest 6/24/2009
  • Wolfowitz: US Should Reach Out to Moussavi 6/24/2009
  • Iran May Downgrade Ties With Britain 6/24/2009
  • Iran Braces for Anti-Britain Protests 6/24/2009
  • Witnesses Report Clashes Around Iran’s Parliament 6/24/2009
  • Iran TV: Partial Vote Recount Verifies Election Result 6/24/2009
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      If you are participating in the Iranian Riots or know someone who is and wish to remain safe? Let me help by showing you how to distinguish between those who are angry and those who are lethal.

    2. ST says:

      The U.S. Regime-Change Recipe for Iran

      President Obama called on the Iranian government to allow protesters to control the streets in Tehran. Would Obama or any US president allow protesters to control the streets in Washington, D.C.?

      There was more objective evidence that George W. Bush stole his two elections than there is at this time of election theft in Iran. But there was no orchestrated media campaign to discredit the US government.

      On May 16, 2007, the London Telegraph reported that Bush regime official John Bolton told the Telegraph that a US military attack on Iran would “be a ‘last option’ after economic sanctions and attempts to foment a popular revolution had failed.”

      We are now witnessing in Tehran US “attempts to foment a popular revolution” in the guise of another CIA orchestrated “color revolution.” It is possible that splits among the mullahs themselves brought about by their rival ambitions will aid and abet what the Telegraph (May 27, 2007) reported were “CIA plans for a propaganda and disinformation campaign intended to destabilize, and eventually topple, the theocratic rule of the mullahs.” It is certainly a fact that the secularized youth of Tehran have played into the CIA’s hands.

      The Mousavi protests have set up Iran either for a US puppet government or for a military strike. The mullahs are in a lose-lose situation. Even if the mullahs hold together and suppress the protests, the legitimacy of the Iranian government in the eyes of the outside world has been damaged. Obama’s diplomatic approach is over before it started. The neocons and Israel have won.

      The US intervention and the orchestrated disinformation pumped out by the western media are so transparent that it is impossible to believe than any informed person or government is taken in. One cannot avoid the conclusion that the West wants the 1978 Iranian Revolution overthrown and intends to use deception or violence to achieve that goal.

      It has become increasingly difficult to believe that facts and truth motivate the western news media. For the record, I would like to point out a few of the most obvious oversights, to use an euphemism, in the Iran reporting.

      According to a wide variety of news sources (for example, London Telegraph, Yahoo News, The Globe and Mail,, Politico), “Before the polling closed Mr. Mousavi declared himself ‘definitely the winner’ based on ‘all indications from all over Iran.’ He alleged widespread voting irregularities without giving specifics and hinted he was ready to challenge the final results.” Other news sources, which might not have been aware that the polls were kept open several hours beyond normal closing time in order to accommodate the turnout, reported that Mousavi made his victory claim the minute polls closed.

      Mousavi’s premature claim of victory before polling was over or votes counted is clearly a preemptive move, the purpose of which is to discredit any other outcome. There is no other reason to make such a claim.

      In Iran’s system, election fraud has no purpose, because a small select group of ruling mullahs select the candidates who are put on the ballot. If they don’t like an aspiring candidate, they simply don’t put him on the ballot.

      When the liberal reformer Khatami ran for president, he won with 70 per cent of the vote and served from 1997-2005. If the mullahs didn’t defraud Khatami of his win, it seems unlikely they would defraud an establishment figure like Mousavi, who was foreign minister in the most conservative government, and is backed by another establishment figure, Rafsanjani.

      As Mousavi was seen as Rafsanjani’s man, why is it “unbelievable” that Ahmadinejad defeated Mousavi by the same margin that he defeated Rafsanjani in the previous election?

      Neoconservative Kenneth Timmerman let the cat out of the bag that there was an orchestrated “color revolution” in the works. Before the election, Timmerman wrote: “there’s talk of a ‘green revolution’ in Tehran.” Why would protests be organized prior to a vote and announcement of the outcome? Organized protests waiting in the wings are not spontaneous responses to a stolen election.

      Timmerman’s organization, Foundation for Democracy, is funded by the National Endowment for Democracy (NED) for the explicit purpose of promoting democracy in Iran. According to Timmerman, NED money was funneled to “pro-Mousavi groups who have ties to non-governmental organizations outside Iran that the National Endowment for Democracy funds.”

      The US media has studiously ignored all of these highly suggestive facts. The media is not reporting or providing objective analysis. It is engaged in a propagandistic onslaught against the Iranian government.

      We know that the US funds terrorist organizations inside Iran that are responsible for bombings and other violent acts. It is likely that these terrorist organizations are responsible for the burning buses and other acts of violence that have occurred during the demonstrations in Tehran.

      A writer on says that he was intrigued by the sudden appearance of tens of thousands of Twitter allegations that Ahmadinejad stole the Iranian election. He investigated, he says, and he reports that each of the new highly active accounts were created on Saturday, June 13th. “IranElection” is their most popular keyword. He narrowed the spammers to the most persistent: @StopAhmadi,
      @IranRiggedElect, and @Change_For_Iran. He researched further and found that On June 14 the Jerusalem Post already had an article on the new twitter. He concludes that the new Twitter sites are propaganda operations.

      One wonders why the youth of the world, who do not protest stolen elections elsewhere, are so obsessed with Iran.

      The unexamined question is Mousavi and his motives. Why would Mousavi unleash demonstrations that are obviously being used by a hostile West to discredit the government of the Iranian Revolution that overthrew the US puppet government? Are these the actions of a “moderate”? Or are these the actions of a disgruntled man who kept his disaffection from his colleagues in order to gain the opportunity to discredit the regime with street protests? Is Mousavi being manipulated by organizations funded with US government money?

      John Bolton laid out the US strategy. First we try to destabilize the regime. Failing that, we strike them militarily. As this strategy unfolds, Iranians will pay in lost independence or in blood for the naiveness of its secularized youth and for the mistake the mullahs made in trusting Mousavi.

      Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in the Reagan administration. He is coauthor of The Tyranny of Good Intentions.He can be reached at:

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