Pakistan Bombing

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Was Marriott Hotel Islamabad an attack on US Marines and What Was Stored On Floors 4 And 5 U.S. military equipment?

Hunt for Pakistan bomb clues

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US Official: Al-Qaeda Still Main Pakistan Bomb Suspect

Pakistan Leaders’ ‘Narrow Escape’ From Bombing Denied

Islamabad: ‘We Are All in Pain and Agony’

Islamabad Bomb’s Secret Ingredient

Holiday Shopping in Islamabad Suffers in Wake of Bombing

British Airline Stops Pakistan Flights After Bomb

Pakistan facing financial crisis – Al Jazeera – 30 Sep.08

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3 Responses to Pakistan Bombing

  1. voice of reason says:

    for all those that think that something was up on level 4 ,5 need to wake up… No matter who ever or ehatever was staying there , there was some brain washed nut who rammed the truck and blew himself with a grenade. Killed scores of Muslims opening their fast. Newsflash no marines died and bottom line is More innocent Pakistani died for the sake of a flawed ideology….

  2. Shareef says:

    Now that Zardari is President truth, honesty and integrity should return to Pakistan.

    So you dont think that the last few weeks of bombing raids in Wazirastan by U.S Forces (without Pakistani authority) where innocent women and children have been killed, also breaking their fasts warrants any of your attention or sympathy? Pakistan is run by a Gangster who is paid by western masters. The Americans now have the gaul to launch their own raids on sovereign Pakistani soil without then need to co-ordinate or even inform the Pakistani hierachy. But forget all that.

  3. webmaster says:

    Speaking of flawed Ideaologies. Check this out….

    Greenspan admits ‘flaw’ in ideology

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