The thugs of Palestine’s Fateh movement in action

The thugs of Palestine aka the Fateh Movement were in full flight yesterday, opening fire on the very people they are supposed to represent (during a peaceful demonstration). The Fateh Movement are really the Palestinian Zionist Movement, an organisation will the sole aim of fulfilling Israeli and US interests in the region. 

After yesterdays events in Palestine, which saw violent reactions from the PA forces, resulting in the killing of 1 HT member – a 37 year old man who was preparing to leave for hajj in couple of days time, and who has just went to Umra 2 months ago-, wounding more than 30, and arresting more than 100 members across the west bank cities of Hebron, Nablus, Jenin, Ramallah and Betlehem.

Today, while mourning the martyr, the PA forces again shot at the crowd, wounding 28 – most from HT, some from Hamas – and arresting many more.








video reports will follow.

Today, while mourning the martyr, the PA forces again opened fire at the crowd, wounding 30 people, and arresting more. The shabab were defiant wal hamdulillah in front of the cowardness of those masked armed forces. There has been alot of sympathy with the hizb from everyone, many hamas followers and supporters took part in the protests organised by the hizb.

here’s a collection of videos from yesterdays’ and todays’ events in the city of hebron, the first link is highly recommneded.

http://livep. ps/uploads/ Live_Palestine. wmv com/watch? v=dVybvNZ031k

1- com/watch? v=OMV0u9cbZCw
2- com/watch? v=zgJEilsraAc
3- com/watch? v=gLnQcWhkLdM
4- com/watch? v=9Tkqd-fBm7I
5- com/watch? v=2hzxAMN_ -kI
6- com/watch? v=tcmc4MC77AE
7- com/watch? v=9BpyxhxuOOE
8- com/watch? v=fk6tCdQ72PE
9- com/watch? v=x_bnZTO1xrg
10- com/watch? v=r8m_5Y2xUZQ
11- com/watch? v=xMGjaGeoEag
12- com/watch? v=QE4mMtlnXUw
13- com/watch? v=I9nt06p_ ZpY
14- com/watch? v=o_uPmSXtZW8
15- com/watch? v=Z0aQfdjPGMg


” a true palestinian zionist movement was much needed. actually there are jewish organizations that support the rights of the palestinians. hy not an Arab palestinian organization supporting the right of the jews to have a national home in palestine ? f a sizable part of the palestinians became zionists it would be much more easier for peace to come.
If jews can be zionists…, if there are christian Zionists..,why not muslim zionists ?

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  1. abuhamza says:

    May Allah grant this shaheed the highest level of Jannah (Paradise)!
    innalillahi wa inna ilaihi rojiun

    Its a telling reality of the thuggery fom Fatah that it choses to murder it’s citizens at the behest of US/Israel.

    It can be clearly seen that the muslims were protesting peacefully under the gun fire and they did not cower or hide rather they were heard with vigour that the muslims of Palestine and the rest of the world want to dispose of Capitalism and implement the laws of Islam (Khilafah).

    These brothers are truly inspirational as those in uzbekistan.

    “The masters of martyrs is Hamza and a man that stood up to a tyrant ruler, advised him and was killed”.

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