Iran: A War Is Coming – John Pilger

The United States is planning what will be a catastrophic attack on Iran. For the Bush cabal, the attack will be a way of “buying time” for its disaster in Iraq. In announcing what he called a “surge” of American troops in Iraq, George W. Bush identified Iran as his real target. “We will interrupt the flow of support [to the insurgency in Iraq] from Iran and Syria,” he said. “And we will seek out and destroy the networks providing advanced weaponry and training to our enemies in Iraq.”

“Networks” means Iran. “There is solid evidence,” said a State Department spokesman on 24 January, “that Iranian agents are involved in these networks and that they are working with individuals and groups in Iraq and are being sent there by the Iranian government.” Like Bush’s and Blair’s claim that they had irrefutable evidence that Saddam Hussein was deploying weapons of mass destruction, the “evidence” lacks all credibility. Iran has a natural affinity with the Shi’ite majority of Iraq, and has been implacably opposed to al-Qaeda, condemning the 9/11 attacks and supporting the United States in Afghanistan. Syria has done the same. Investigations by the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times and others, including British military officials, have concluded that Iran is not engaged in the cross-border supply of weapons. General Peter Pace, chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, has said no such evidence exists. Read the full article


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5 Responses to Iran: A War Is Coming – John Pilger

  1. Abu Hamza says:

    Can the US afford to invade Iran at a time that Amerirca is losing the war in Iraq?

    Why would the US invade Iran who has been secretly assisted by the US for over 40 years? Iran gave an assurance to the US if any plane was shot over and landed in Iran’s borders that the US could come inside and pick them up no questions asked.

    Also, Iran has been calling the US the ‘Great Satan!’ Well Iran the Great Satan has arrived and has been fighting your muslim sbrothers for many years yet you refuse to send in your armies to protect your brothers.

    In anycase a political principle is that you observe the actions of the state and not his rhetoric, let us see is the US can afford to attack Iran.

    At the end of the day anything is possible. Just take Saddam Hussein as an example.

  2. Khalid says:

    I’m new to the charge that America has been secretly aiding Iran for the past 40 years – Care to elaborate????

  3. Abu Hamza says:

    Are you aware of the event of the 50’s when Mossadeq Former Premier of Iran) who was overthrown by the US whilst he was in Italy. The US was also trying to win the Shah (pro UK) as an agent but they disposed of him when they won over the Ayotollah when he was in France.

    There is a lot of detailed with Iran and its complicated because of its dometic politics.

    Anyway I think these questiones need to be asked of ourselves:

    1. how is is possible for the US to invade another
    country at this point in time?

    2. if US was to invade iran, what would be the

    3. Given q 2, is US interested in regime change,
    destruction of nuclear facilities, occupation,

    4. Why would US, at this time, invade iran, which is
    infinitely more stronger than iraq?

    5. Would the US president be initiating such a
    radical/disastorous move at the end of his second
    term? without control of congress & senate? and
    automatically hand over the presidency to the
    democrats. Do the americans really have an apetite for
    another war at this point in time?

    6. What immediate threat does iran pose to US
    interests? and has the US administration presented its
    case in the context of an immediate threat?

    Are you also unaware of the charge that the US is behind Lebanon, Egypt, Pakistan, Syria?!

  4. Khalid says:

    So you are saying that the U.S was instrumental in deposing the Shah. My understanding is that the Shah was their man and the Ayotollah was the response to that and therefore not associated with the U.S but more their adversary? Appreciate any insight.

  5. Abu Hamza says:

    The Shah tried to be clever by using the US and the UK. The US were smarter then him and once they were in the position to kick him to the kerb they did. Khomeini was receiving huge support domestically whilst he was in France? That in itself should ring alarm bells i.e who was behind securing khomeini’s public opinion no other than the US.

    Ahh the art of politics.

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