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Revealed from archive: Israel’s secret plan to resettle Arab refugees

Plans drawn up during the 1950s and ’60s had one overriding goal: to preserve the demographic status quo by resettling the 1948 Arab refugees far away from the country. By Arik Ariel

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A crime against Israel? – The Assassination of Arafat by URI AVNERY

From the first moment, I did not have the slightest doubt that Yasser Arafat was assassinated. It was a matter of simple logic. On the way back from the funeral, I happened upon Jamal Zahalka, a member of the Knesset … Continue reading

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Erasing Palestine From the Map by ROBERT ROSS

A foreign affairs blogger for The Washington Post recently posted “40 Maps that explain the world.”  Some of the maps are important (“Economic inequality around the world”), some are interesting (“Meet the world’s 26 remaining monarchies”), but others grossly distort … Continue reading

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Let the Spin Begin – John Kerry’s Political Posturing on Palestine – ROBERT FANTINA

As U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry attempts to put his particular spin on resolving the generations-old crisis of Israeli oppression of the Palestinians, he has travelled to the World Economic Forum. There he waved the possibility of $4 billion … Continue reading

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U.S. Strategy in the Muslim World After 9/11 – RAND Corp.

RAND_MG246 Full Paper Alternative Link  

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Israeli soldier posts disturbing Instagram photo of child in crosshairs of his rifle

Full Story

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Justice, Peace and the Israeli State by WILLIAM A. COOK

“As for the rights of Jewish people in this land, I have a simple message for those people gathered in the General Assembly today, no decision by the U.N. can break the 4,000-year-old bond between the people of Israel and … Continue reading

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