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The Quest for Economic Progress – An Islamic Blueprint for Pakistan (PDF book)

At this point in time when Capitalist economic solutions have a virtual monopoly in the discussion of economics for both Muslims and kuffar, it is critical that a working alternative model is presented to the world. As the recent Credit … Continue reading

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War Costs in Perspective

With $872.6 billion, the cost of the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan so far, the United States could fund…  …a year’s worth of health care for 117 million Americans ($7,439/person) …one year of public elementary school for 116 million children … Continue reading

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Is Islamic finance the answer?

Experts in Islamic finance believe their way of doing business has shielded them from the global credit crisis.

“We don’t recognise the concept of interest… to look for some profit from trading money,” explains Dr Bambang Brodjonegoro from the Islamic Development Bank.

“In the Islamic concept, money is strictly for the purpose of exchange or storing value, but not for the transaction of looking for excessive profit,” he says.
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Vatican promotes Islamic finance in face of global crisis


Vatican says Western banks should look at rules of Islamic finance to restore confidence amongst clients. Continue reading

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Hal Turner and the “Amero”

The bottom line to all this is simple: The U.S. dollar is going to be intentionally exhausted into worthlessness. Anyone holding any assets denominated in “dollars” such as Checking accounts, Savings accounts, IRA’s, 401-K’s, … Continue reading

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Why has the Muslim world failed to develop? – Adnan Khan

Crest Continue reading

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World Tires of Rule by Dollar By PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS

In Greed We Trust

On October 28, RIA Novosti reported that Russian prime minister Vladimir Putin suggested to China that the two countries use their own currencies in their bilateral trade, thus avoiding the use of the dollar. China’s prime Minister Wen Jiabao replied that strengthening bilateral relations is strategic. Continue reading

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There are Alternatives to Free Market Capitalism! – Islamic Economics


The current financial crisis has seriously eroded confidence the Western world had in the suitability of the free market. However the Western world when looking at alternatives only see remnants of Socialism or some state intervention in economy as feasible and workable systems. It is also this reason that allowes free market ideologues to continue citing more regulation, transparency i.e. more capitalism with some tinkering as solutions. This crisis represents an opportunity for all Muslims to present the Islamic alternative. Continue reading

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Greenspan admits ‘flaw’ in ideology

Greenspan said he was in a ‘state of shocked disbelief’ [AFP]

“Do you feel that your ideology pushed you to make decisions that you wish you had not made?”

Greenspan replied: “Yes I found a flaw. I don’t know how significant or permanent it is, but I’ve been very distressed by that fact.” Continue reading

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Islamic finance rides the storm – SMH – 11 Oct.08


A thriving financial sector sounds like an oxymoron these days. Even Australia’s banks – among the most profitable in the world -kept a fifth of this week’s interest rate cut to cushion their margins. But there is one sector that has tongues wagging in the hubs of commerce: Islamic finance.

While the Western world’s financial system has been imploding, this small but rapidly growing share of world capital has weathered the storm.
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